Yogi Bhajan often spoke about meridian points during Kundalini yoga classes. When reading a manual, the description may say that a meridian was effected by holding a certain posture. So what are the meridians exactly?

Meridians are channels in which prana energy travels. There are 5 primary meridian channels that run through the body which all correspond to specific organs. These primary meridian points also branch off into other meridians channels.

The 5 primary meridian channels include a “yin” organ and a “yang” organ. When there is an issue in one of the organs, it can cause the flow in its specific meridian channel to be blocked. For example, blockages in the lung meridian can manifest as tension in the forearm and back shoulder tension can be from the small intestine. This is why it is a good practice to pay attention to your body and research the root cause. The flow of a meridian can function similar to a fireplace; when operating the way it should, it is cozy inside and when it is blocked, there is chaos inside. Acupuncture and yoga are great for restoring flow your in the meridians.

Pay attention to you body and find out which meridian may be blocked, that meridian may be the next kriya for you to practice as your sadhana.

Emotions, like the meridians, need to be flowing. In order to flow, emotions need to be acknowledged and digested. This doesn’t mean that you are always reacting, just that you are aware and allowing. A repressed emotion from the past or present is typically the root cause for a meridian blockage.

Ever heard the saying about stuffing your emotions when you were a kid? It turns out those emotions do end up stuffed in specific organs. There is so much more to this topic, but to give you a very broad overview: issues with childhood memories land in the lungs; anger goes to the liver; how you see yourself with others goes to the stomach; your inner self issues goes to the intestines; fear goes to the kidneys; deep grief goes to the spleen; frustration goes to the gallbladder and love goes to the heart.

If you want to work on the overall flow in your meridians, there is a great kriya in the manual, Infinity and Me called, “Working the Meridians.”

Infinity and Me by Harijot Kaur Khalsa

Here is a breakdown of my favorite handpicked kriyas to work on specific meridian channels. Keep in mind that when working with one organ’s meridian you will also be effecting the other organ in the same channel. This is why when working with the colon meridian, your lung meridian may open up.

Channel 1: Lung & Colon

The lung meridian runs through the thumb, up the arm and to the lung. The colon meridian runs through the index finger, through the forearm, connects to the lung, up to the nose and down to the colon.

For the lungs, you can work with, “For the Lungs, Magnetic Field and Deep Meditation” from Sadhana Guidelines and for the colon, you can use, “Colon Cleanser” from The Owner’s Manual for the Human Body.

Kundalini Yoga: Sadhana Guidelines by Gurucharan S. Khalsa

Owner's Manual for the Human Body by Yogi Bhajan

Channel 2: Stomach & Spleen

The stomach meridian runs through the eye, to the stomach, through the leg and down to the middle toe. The spleen runs through the big toe, up the leg, to the spleen, to the side of the pectoral muscle and down to a point right below the armpit.

For the stomach, try “Healing the Stomach” from Self Knowledge and “Maintain the Spleen” from Owner’s Manual for the Human Body.

Self Knowledge by Harijot Kaur Khalsa

Owner's Manual for the Human Body by Yogi Bhajan

Channel 3: Heart & Small Intestine

The heart meridian starts at the armpit and runs through to the pinky finger. The small intestine meridian runs through the pinky, back of the arm, up the back of the shoulder, to the side of the neck and ends close to the ear.

For this meridian, you can work with, “Eliminate Gastric and Heart Troubles” from Infinity and Me.

Infinity and Me by Harijot Kaur Khalsa

Channel 4: Bladder & Kidneys

The bladder meridian starts inside the eye, travels along the spine, through the kidney and bladder, down the back of the leg and to the pinky toe. The kidney meridian runs through the bottom of the foot, up the inside of the leg, up the middle of the abdomen and to the collar bone.

A great kriya to work with this meridian is, “Kriya for Relaxation and Releasing Fear” from Kundalini Yoga for Youth & Joy.

Kundalini Yoga for Youth and Joy by Yogi Bhajan

Channel 5: Gallbladder & Liver

The gallbladder meridian begins at the temple, zig zags all over the head, then travels to the liver and down the side of the leg ending at the fourth toe. The liver meridian starts at the big toe, runs up the inside of the leg and ends at the liver.

For the liver and gallbladder meridian, try “Let the Liver Live” from Owner’s Manual for the Human Body.

Owner's Manual for the Human Body by Yogi Bhajan

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