In the Western world, Halloween is a day in which children dress up in costume, go trick-or-treating for candy, and watch scary movies. In the spirit world, Halloween is said to be the day in which the veil between dark and light is at its thinnest. Several spiritual traditions in the world believe that this is the time of the year in which speaking with the deceased is easiest.

Halloween’s roots are believed to come from the Celtic holiday called “Samhain.” Samhain was celebrated with feasting with the year’s harvest and protective rituals. At the feasts, families would leave out food for deceased loved ones. Vegetables had faces carved to protect them from lost spirits. Some of these spirits were believed to be harmful, so people would dress up in disguise to elude them.

Samhain was considered to be the New Years in the Celtic calendar. It was the beginning of the “dark half” of the year. The dark half of the year is believed to be a time of rebirth through death. Death doesn’t necessarily mean dying in the physical sense, but in letting go of that which doesn’t serve you. The dark half of the year is a time for going deep within and is especially powerful for exploring that which is unknown (i.e. not yet in the light).

Halloween is a very powerful time of the year for meditation. It is a time to go inward and uncover the mysteries behind the darkness inside to bring them to the light. Here is how you can work with Kundalini Yoga during this time:


Conscious rebirthing is a process of uncovering the skeletons in your closet. These skeletons or ghosts that are unknown to you consciously can haunt your waking life. Negative memories or unconscious emotions can power over you unless they are brought into consciousness.

Ghost Kriya: Clearing the Ghosts and Opening Intuition

Ghost Kriya is in the Rebirthing manual

This version of Rakhe Rakhanahar was played during this class:

Singh Kaur’s Rakhe Rakhan Har

Protection is essential when feeling like you are dealing with negative environments or people and you are not sure why you are being affected. Yogi Bhajan gave the Mangala Charan mantra for protection. The mantra is:
This mantra can be recited whenever you need protection and can also be practiced along with this meditation for protection:

Projection & Protection from the Heart

This meditation is in Transitions to a Heart Centered World

Snatam Kaur’s Aad Guray Nameh

There is also the meditation, “Blue Light Cleansing Meditation” also from Transitions to a Heart Centered World. This meditation is a great practice for those wanting to learn how to work with protective energy in meditation. As a result of the meditation, you can work with maintaining this protective blue energy field around your body when in negative situations or with around negative people. Surrounding one’s self in a blue light is a technique taught for physic self defense.Nightmares & Bad Dreams:
Our subconscious speaks to us in our dreams. Many times what is being portrayed in a dream has to do with things that you are working out in your waking life. They can be symbolic of bad memories, unresolved emotions, tendencies, or current life events from the day. Some of the dreams can turn into nightmares. During a Rebirthing Course in Germany on 5/14/1989, Yogi Bhajan taught a remedy for nightmares:
When going to sleep, lay down with the right hand over the left, crossed at the heart center. Concentrate on the soft spot on the top of year head and do long deep breathing. Listen to a recording of Chattr Chakkr Vartee while sleeping in this posture.

Try Ajeet’s version of “Chattr Chakkr ” on her new album, “Haseya.”

Enjoy your Halloween and the season of letting go. Sat nam and deep blessings on your practice.

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