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Kundalini Tarot – Pick of the Week
Wednesday, January 5

Two of Fire: Convergence

The image of the Two of Fire relates to two stars – stars which we can look at as the masculine and the feminine, the yin and the yang, or the receptive and dynamic principles on the planet. This is the inhale and the exhale.

With the element of fire, we are dealing with transformation. Fire transforms matter from one form to another. It transforms liquids into air; it can transform solid matter into molten liquid.

Looking at these two principles (the Two and the Fire) together, we are asked to look at what things in our life we need to transform – both on the inhale and the exhale. What do we need to change about what we take into our bodies? Make courageous commitments to your diet at this time. Be aware of food s that help to cleanse and uplift your body, as opposed to those that create more work for it – putting unnecessary strain on your digestive and glandular systems, while also adding weight and facilitating an environment for disease.

Also examine the energy that you are putting out into the world – the exhale. How and at what are your words and actions directed? Are you using communication consciously and as a means to develop an idea or form a connection? Or are you using them to chastise, criticize, or gossip about an issue that is really none of your business?

The Two of Fire represents the first split in the fire energy. An idea is now polarized; you now have a clear sense of what moves you forward toward your destiny path, toward health, healing, and happiness, and the alternative, that which pulls you away from this path.

The Two of Fire calls on the energy of the sign of Aries, and the planet Mars, suggesting that you use this time to harness your inner warrior. Embrace the courage to change. Do things with bravery and determination.

Keep in mind that this energy may bring about a bit of conflict, but that’s okay. In this case, conflict is welcome, for it is this conflict that helps to facilitate the change that is needed at this time. As you make changes, other people may have to adjust their course accordingly, and friction may result. Let it happen. The heat that is created will help fuel the fire to burn up whatever stagnant energy is in the way of your moving forward.

The truth is that you are making important progress through a new stage in your life, much of which was set into alignment at the time of the recent eclipse. You are going through serious changes, and as you proceed during this new phase in your life, it is important that you maintain your own inner balance.

Embrace your inner courage and don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself when push comes to shove. You are on a new path now, and as such, it is important that you are firm in your course of action. You see more clearly than ever what and who is good for you and what’s not. Follow your heart and let your courage carry you through. When in doubt, call on the Two of Fire – the warrior within – to keep you firm on your path.

(Editor’s Note:  Did you know Japa Kaur is also an amazing singer?  Check out her morning sadhana album!)

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