Kundalini Tarot:
Father Wind

This week’s card depicts the image of Father Wind, an archetype of leadership, movement, and change. This card represents an analytical period during which time you will be considering many different aspects to a plan, many sides to a story, and many different opinions on current matters. The bottom line – it is YOU who needs to take charge!

You are working on a strategy. You are creating a blueprint that makes sense; you are looking for a framework to commit to. Once you have found that commitment, go for it. Use the power of Father Wind to analyze the situation, consider the options, and then charge forward with confidence and courage.

At the same time, try not to get swept up by all the superfluous information that surrounds you. Already there is way too much to handle! Instead, deal only with what speaks to you directly – what affects you directly – and stay conscious of what your primary objective is. Ask yourself, what AM I trying to achieve?

This card represents a significant amount of movement, and with this movement comes an unsettling feeling. Movement can be scary – it suggests change – rapid change – and to some, there is nothing more terrifying. Trust in this movement. The change that comes is exactly the change that needs to happen – for you and everyone around you.

Being of the “wind” element indicates that this is a card of the mind. It has to do with communication, information, and the way we think and process events and experiences. Because this is such a high-intensity card, there may be a tendency to get overwhelmed by the madness of the mind, especially if it is unfettered and begins to run away from us. The mind can play tricks and lead us down rabbit holes where we don’t belong. It can create fanciful stories that stimulate unnecessary fear or panic within us.

This week, be extra mindful of your mind so that you don’t end up becoming a slave to its reactivity and negative tendencies. Instead, do your best to harness its power and direct it in a way that serves you and your true conscious objectives.

A good way to tame the mind is through the use of pranayam exercises. Focusing on the breath and staying conscious of its inhales and exhales helps you control the mind and keep it from playing tricks on us.

A simple, yet extremely effective technique is the one-minute breath – to inhale for 20 seconds, hold for 20 seconds, and then exhale for 20 seconds. If this is too difficult, inhale, hold and exhale for a count of 10 or 15 instead, and then as you become more experienced, gradually work your way up.

Once you have a command over your breath, you will have greater command over your mind, and will be better able to harness the power that Father Wind suggests. Embrace the movement and rapid change in your life at this time. Hold on to the reins and have fun!

(To connect with Father Wind, chant the mantra “Pavan Guru“.)

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