Kundalini Tarot – Pick of the Week
Wednesday, January 12

V – The Hierophant

This week’s card conjures up the image of the Hierophant, an archetype from the Major Arcana that suggests a person of great stature or authority. In this instance, the Hierophant is seen as both the teacher and the student, reminding us this week that it is important to be both.

As you go about your days, realize your role as sharing, encouraging, or imparting wisdom on others – even in the most seemingly insignificant situations. You never know how much a small action or comment can affect someone – possibly setting off a chain of actions that creates a profound effect for the rest of his or her life.

Maybe you strike up a conversation with someone in a coffee shop, and end up suggesting that he or she try a Kundalini Yoga class or personal meditation practice. Maybe you suggest a book or a movie to a friend who is in need of an important message or pick-me-up that something like this might have to offer.

At the same time, the Hierophant also asks us to remember our role as the student – to be aware of the lessons that are all around us – from everyone. Stay open to the information that comes to you over the internet, through news articles, and during unexpected meetings with strangers.

Revisit notes from an old class or conference and realign yourself with a message that spoke to you so clearly at the time. Pull out a yoga manual or book of inspiration and let yourself flip through at random to see what kind of wisdom you find.

Take note that the Hierophant sits on his chair with his arms up on the sides, between the pillars of light and dark. This suggests that although he is aware of the duality in things, the illusion of what is “good or bad”, ”right or wrong”, he sits in the middle, suggesting that he is rooted in a place of neutrality – in his neutral mind.

The Hierophant sits with his eyes closed, suggesting that he ultimately finds his way by looking inward – inward and upward for the truth. The white light coming into his crown suggests his strong connection with the divine and his intuitive, immediate and unbroken connection with the source.

This week, the message from the Hierophant is to look inward and trust yourself! Trust your own inner guidance. Draw on your lessons and teachings of the past, but ultimately look inward for the answers that you seek. Recognize the lessons from the people around you, freely pass these lessons on to others, but overall, the most important message here is to go within and draw upon your own inner knowing. You have the answer. Trust it!

This is our suggestion for a Kundalini Yoga book this week!

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