With the approach of 2012 (though Yogi Bhajan often anchored the change of ages to November 11, 2011 at 11:30 am Los Angeles time), we are collectively tuning into a shift in human consciousness. Even the most skeptical person cannot deny that we have witnessed an unprecedented explosion of technology and discovery in the last century, unlike anything in our recorded history. The human mind is evolving, becoming capable of experiencing and understanding aspects of reality that were previously beyond its grasp. The key to this is the Kundalini. Sadhana is the method to ride the changes. And the sensory human is what we shall develop into.

Kundalini. Sadhana. Sensory human. Strange words – all of them.  And yet, they hold the key to what the next age will be. Kundalini is a term that is older than human memory. It comes from ancient times when people had to deeply understand themselves, their inner biology and awareness, in order to survive. As mythological and dangerous as the word has become in certain circles, it is really a pragmatic situation. When the blood chemistry is right, and the breath is balanced so that the central subtle channel opens, these phenomena alter the composition of the spinal fluid. As that altered spinal fluid goes up the spine to feed the brain, it does so in communication with all of the glandular systems of the body. And that cumulative, combined effect activates dormant aspects of the mind to unleash the unlimited potential of human consciousness.

Anything you do to touch the spirit involves the Kundalini. Every yogic school’s ultimate aim is to awaken it from its dormant state. Every martial art, every form of prayer, has a unique avenue to tapping its potential. In short, every spiritual path – whether they realize it or not – is working with this fundamental creative energy that lives inside of every human being.

As the change of ages comes, our ability to fearlessly understand and work with the Kundalini will be a necessary component of humanity’s evolution.

Sadhana is the next step. In many sacred writings, the human life has been described as a chance to experience the Divine Light in all things while in finite form. This is not an easy task. It takes effort. You have to work at it. The first Sikh Master, Guru Nanak, once said that a human being without a longing to experience the Divine was actually living an animal incarnation, though he or she might have a human body. It is that intention and ability to know Infinity that makes us human. And it is the consistent, applied discipline to raise our consciousness so that we can achieve it that gives our lives grace, strength and meaning.

This is sadhana. It is what you do, every day, to tap the infinite potential in you, in relation to the One Cosmic Consciousness, and bring your potential to life.

The result? The sensory human. In 1993, Yogi Bhajan described the existence of the sensory human this way: “In the stillness lies the sound which is the creative existence of God, through all hemispheres and spheres of creative and non-creative reality. Oh Yogi, whoever masters the stillness and the silence, and can read it, will get all the knowledge which exists. If you want, you can read the air as it touches your body. From the breeze, you can understand the frequency of your health, wealth and happiness. You can know what the day offers you. In the silence and calmness of night, you can intimately know the entire tomorrow. This knowledge shall be the basic knowledge of man in the Age of Aquarius. In the next 40 years (Ed. note: said in 1993), the reason, the logic, the discussion, the debate, the persuasion, the games, the play will be over. People will have a very intuitive psychic interlock through which they will silently know all there is.” (April 6, 1993)

It is the road that the Universe has created for us to walk, together, in the years ahead.


With Divine Light.

Yours humbly,

Ek Ong Kaar Kaur

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