The month of May moves us to strike a new chord of inspiration and ambition in our lives. If you have been waiting for the green light to appear for your next venture, a sparkling emerald of enthusiasm is now shining its light your way. “Go for it!” is the mantra of the moment, and there is a greater element of protection at play in this monthly cycle.

After the major emotional upheaval many people experienced last month, it is important to “shake it off,” and get a new rhythm going in your daily life. The number 5 of May represents the physical body, and we need to get physically active in order to be fully present and engaged in the moment. Five is additionally the Earth Element, making outdoor activities such as walking, sports games, hiking, and lying on the beach very important activities. Creating a connection with the Earth is essential, as our plans need to be balanced and grounded. A “not too much, not too little,” approach is a good rule of thumb for this present time.

If you have read last month’s forecast, you might recall that I mentioned the potential for an element of magic being available in May. This is ever so true at this time, and if you have been a faithful practitioner of your spiritual practice, you now have a reserve of grace, with which you can leverage this magical quality. (Yes, you can ”leverage” magic, it’s really all about diagonal energy and your frequency of projection.) Even if you have been a slouch in your personal practice you’ve still got a chance, and I’ll tell you why. The Heart number for May is a 9, and 9 is the domain of the magical, mysterious, and instant manifestation. Through your own purity of heart and prayer (projective psyche) you can shift the external elements to your favor. Of course the default mantra is “Be careful what you pray for, you just may get it.” However, having said that I think we all deserve a little expansion and experience of new possibilities.

Five is change itself, and we are craving a bold new energy and direction in our lives. May is an excellent time to start a business, get married, or move to a location which better suits your spirit. There is such a strong impulse for change in the psyche of the planet at this time, it can almost feel as if the earth beneath our feet is moving us forward. People will be connecting left and right to create new alliances of every nature, and May holds an extra sparkle and shine in the area of new romance. The sentiment, “Finally, you’re here!” will resound in many hearts. I was having tea with one of the Archangels last week, and he told me they have just opened a new ethereal website called A legion of Angels is now engaged in helping people on planet Earth find each other. Lucky us!

May is the “checkpoint” month for the year 2013. We need to consciously check in with ourselves in relation to our health, family life, work, and personal consciousness. Adjustments that are made now will go a long way towards balancing our life in the second half of the year. A car needs a front end alignment from time to time, otherwise it will pull too heavily to the right or left, creating extra wear and tear on those tires. In a nutshell, find the balance in your life which will carry you the distance. Personal equilibrium is a most precious commodity these days, and it is only manufactured from within. Adjusting yourself into a higher frequency of your own Divine Alignment will serve you better than any self-help book on the market. Sneak Preview: Get your ponies lined up now, because the month of June takes off like a jet ski down an avalanche! Adjusting “on the run” is not as easy as in a softer season of time.

In May the flow of life will be dealing nearly everyone a new opportunity, and we will have the option of engaging with this new energy field. Change is the name of the game, and these changes are healthy as long as they are well thought out. The number 5 in the negative polarity can be impulsive and cavalier, so don’t immediately assume that every new idea has the cosmic seal of approval on it. Think it through, talk it out with others (when appropriate), and ask yourself the question, “Am I walking towards my heart and Soul’s graceful expression and experience on this new path?”

If the answer is yes, you are headed in the right direction. If you get a “maybe” then you might want to hold off till there is a stronger sense of alignment.

May is a very social month, and we can bring ourselves up to a new level of “game,” by choosing to communicate with clarity and integrity. In the words of Yogi Bhajan,

“There are only three relationships. Either you have a reverence, or you have a communication, or you have an animosity.

There are no others.”

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