The month of April is a time to reconsider what our highest priorities are, and then determine what we need to let go of to achieve the new vision. Almost everyone will be experiencing in some part of their life, “This is just not working anymore!” Although no one likes to feel as if they are being pushed to the breaking point, it is this exact feeling which will propel us to take the action that we may not have previously considered.

In the past you may have thought that you didn’t have the extra time to go back to school, or the courage to start a new business, and now you find yourself feeling emotionally driven to consider these options more closely.

The number 4 of this month represents issues of process, structure, and order. The polarity of this is how willing we are to shake things up, or break free from the mold, in order to have a more fulfilling life. This will challenge us in the area of relationships, especially in marriage or business partnership. The sentiment, “But I need you to sell your Soul to the company store, so I can have a safe, cozy existence,” could be a part of the unspoken dialogue at play between two people. We will need to speak up, and not get lost in a suffocating silence that is generated from fear-based emotional patterns. This month is very revealing in it’s ability to show us where these patterns originate from, thereby allowing us to break free from the seemingly endless cycle of self-entrapment. It doesn’t matter what chronological age you are, nearly everyone is feeling, “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

Now let’s look at solutions to this dilemma! In the world of carpentry and wood-working there are certain types of wood that are particularly difficult to bore through. The inherent density of the wood requires a sharper tool to cut through it. For April we need a “drill bit” of an especially sharp and sturdy nature to be successful. Otherwise our efforts may become messy or ineffective.

The drill bit for April is the “Tantric Har” mantra. Chanting this mantra for 11 minutes a day, with focus and concentration, will allow you to bore through any difficult situation. Be sure to pull in slightly at the navel point while chanting each “Har,” as well as having the tip of the tongue strike the upper palate. Perfect practice brings perfect results!

We need to “Hup-to-it!” and get a move on with our newfound ambitions, otherwise we will be left with a sad, sinking feeling about life and our place in the world.  In reality, this year is one big motivational training seminar, with God at the helm, and the Heavenly Heralds in chorus chanting, “Yes you can, get on with it!”

There is something new that you have been longing to give birth to, and April has an aspect of labor pains, while the month of May is a time of rebirth. Sneak Preview: there is an element of magic to the month of May, just think it and it can manifest. A positive affirmation to start using now is, “I am in Divine Alignment with all that is well and good for me.”

The Heart number for April is an 8, and 8 is the number of power, money, and vitality. We are longing to experience more in all of these area, and more can be ours if we are able to let go of self-limiting beliefs. As a footnote to this, it is important to know that grand and sweeping change does not require us to “throw the baby out with the bath water.” The changes we are seeking can be effectively initiated from within, while at the same time having a powerful external result. Sometimes we just need to gut-up for ourselves in the present environment, knowing that this will lead to positive changes down the road (and the Tantric Har will help get you there!).

Almost everyone that I have been speaking with lately has expressed the sentiment,     “I really thought the Aquarian Age would be different than this (easier maybe!).”           Yes dear ones, I too wish it was a bit “easier,” however I am learning that the sense of ease or struggle is entirely based on my perception of things.

When I am able to suspend judgement of a person or situation, it has a liberating effect on myself and the environment. Energy is the precious prize of the moment, and we lose our energy through judgement and condemnation.

Let us at this time rally forth the Heart number of 8, which is the archetype of the Healer, and have our words and mental projections be that of a healing, nurturing nature. If you see someone struggling (even on the TV), you can send the prayer, “May the Angels of healing, light and love be present to help you and guide you.”  This is the gift of the Aquarian Age, the power of blessing through our spoken word.

Remember, do the work now so you may manifest the magic later. I don’t want to get a ton of emails saying. “Oh, you said,…. and then nothing happened. Where’s my magic?”

Create a vibrational space that will hold this new energy, and your life will change for the better.

Let us apply ourselves now in a spirit of good faith, knowing that the magic is just around the corner.


“Prayer can penetrate to the very heart of God.”

                                                                                 Yogi Bhajan


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