The Moon is waxing as the week gets underway. All week we feel a crescendo of energy that culminates this Friday night, the 13th, when the Moon is Full in the sign of Pisces. As a result, you may feel emotional tension rising as the week goes on. You may be staying up later and later each night as the Moon stays up later each night, appearing larger in the sky each time. Your dream state may become more active as the week goes on, suggesting that there is something in your subconscious that is trying to tell you something.

The week is off to a sluggish start thanks to the fact that the Moon goes void-of-course early on Monday morning. This is not a great day to rush to the office for your weekly strategy meeting. In fact, it’s better to pospostone such things to the following day. For most of Monday we’ll be operating in a fog. It feels as if we have lost our sense of direction. Our intuition is off completely until 5:24pm EST (2:24pm PST). Until that time, it’s best to just stick to routine tasks.

Lookout for unexpected surprises on Tuesday. People from your past may crop up out of nowhere. Something needs to be resolved. Take this opportunity to set the record straight before moving on. Connect with others who share the same views and values that you do. Join together with like-minded individuals and make a plan. Consider new ways in which you can serve your community.

The Moon is void-of-course for the entire day on Wednesday. This is truly a day when it’s best to stay home and keep to yourself. Meditate. Do yoga. Don’t make any big plans. Interactions with others are awkward. Everything just feels off. The whole day you may be feeling ‘weird’. This is to be expected. Take what other people say with a grain of salt. Remember that they are a little bit off, too. 

Our intuition is back online on Thursday, thanks to the Moon in dreamy Pisces. Trust your hunches and go with the flow. This is a good day for anything that requires a creative touch. Artistic projects, musical happenings and creative writing projects are all favored. It is also a wonderful day to meditate. The Pisces Moon helps us let go of our ego and merge with the one. Let go and connect.

Friday is the big day with the Moon reaching its point of absolute fullness. The two energies at work here are the Sun in practical, analytical Virgo opposite the Moon in spacy, creative-thinking Pisces. Virgo is looking at the details while Pisces sees the big picture. Ask yourself where you are on this spectrum. Are you so focused on the day-to-day routine that you are missing the big picture? Maybe you have a grand vision of what you’d like to accomplish but are doing nothing on a daily basis to help manifest it into reality. Pisces asks us to fantasize and dream big. Virgo says let’s take small steps on the Earth plane to get the job done. Emotionally, we are all very charged. People are erupting with deep inner feelings and truths that they have been holding on to for quite some time. New information is coming to light. The Full Moon is helping to reveal all. Go ahead and say what is on your mind.

The Moon is void-of-course for most of the day on Saturday, creating a topsy turvy fallout from the emotional roller coaster of the past couple days. Our intuition is off and we are left reeling in the aftermath of the powerful Full Moon of the night before. It may be hard to find our grounding until 6:30pm EST (3:30pm PST) when the Moon moves into the next sign (Aries) and we have our sense of direction back again.

There is a feisty feeling during the day on Sunday. The Aries Moon brings out the warrior spirit in everyone. The best thing you can do for yourself is exercise. Grab the Kundalini manual, “Kriya,” pick any set from this collection of classic kundalini yoga sets and go for it.

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