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The week begins on an intense note. Why is everyone so dramatic and emotional? There is a good reason for it – the Full Moon is coming! Energy is ramping up and information is being revealed. It is hard for people to hold back. People are likely to speak without thinking and express pent up emotion at times that might not exactly be appropriate. Regardless, Monday is full of surprises. Look for unexpected energy, people and information to come your way. Don’t be caught off guard. Prepare to roll with events that weren’t exactly planned for!

The exciting news on Tuesday is Mercury’s change in direction. This is the day that the planet of the mind stations and resumes apparent forward motion in the sky. Now we are clear to sign contracts, purchase electronic and mechanical devices, and take that road trip without fear of delay or interruptions. Keep in mind that since Mercury will station today (meaning it seems as if it “stands still”), it is a great day to meditate!

Our mind will find it easier to find that place of stillness that we often crave but find hard to achieve. If you are looking for some audio assistance to help bring you into this blissful state, consider Harnam’s beautiful album Removing Obstacles. This collection of mantras include ones to remove subconscious blocks, life blocks and financial blocks. Who doesn’t want that?

The Full Moon is exact in the early morning hours on Wednesday, suggesting that our emotions are ramped up to their highest level. Our dream state is more active than usual, and it may be difficult for us to get to sleep at night. Be careful on the roads and when working with others. People are more easily triggered. Conflict is likely.

The Moon enters Aries on Thursday, thus starting over in the zodiac cycle. Maybe you need to start over as well in some regard. Maybe some things need to be cleared up now that Mercury is direct. Maybe it is time that you are more direct. Be clear with what your needs are. Don’t beat around the bush. This is not the time to be passive aggressive. Be clear. Be assertive. On the flip side, however, make sure that you aren’t being overly-aggressive or mean. Anger can rise to the surface out of nowhere. The energy of the Full Moon is still lingering.

Friday is a day to get physical. Move your body. Go for a long walk or hike. Participate in group sports activities. You have plenty of energy at your disposal. Consider tackling household projects that require some brawn. Maybe it is time to tackle an outdoor project. Have fun with it. Get others involved. If you don’t find a healthy outlet for the energy you have, it may backfire on you by erupting at a person or in a situation that isn’t healthy for anyone. Keep yourself in check. Also remember that other people are a little hot under the collar today as well.

You may feel a burst of energy in the morning on Saturday, but toward the afternoon and evening, a lunar shift encourages us to slow down and relax. Enjoy what you have instead of trying to go out and acquire more! Enjoy the company of loved ones tonight. Enjoy a healthy homemade meal. Enjoy comfortable surroundings. Make it nice for you and the ones you love. Light candles, put on some special music and sweep the floor. Take care of what you have. If you are considering a first date with someone, Saturday night is a good time to make it happen. The energy is right for a sensual first experience!

Sunday is truly a day for rest and relaxation. Slow down and let go of any huge ambitions or expectations. There is no need to overdo it. Embrace simplicity. You will find satisfaction in the smallest things. You will find contentment in the most simple conversations. You don’t need to go far or do much to have a rich, fulfilling day. A good book and the shade of a tree can be more rewarding than you think. Trade foot massages with someone. Take a long bath. Chill.

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