The Moon is waning this week. She starts out at half mast – rising at midnight and setting at noon. With each passing day she will be smaller and smaller in the sky until the exact point on Sunday when she is perfectly in line with the Sun and you won’t see her anymore at all. As a result, all this week our energy will be waning. Our emotional reserves are less and less each day. Our fuses become shorter. Be gentle with others and practice yoga sets that are meditative and inwardly-directed as opposed to the more challenging physical ones.


Monday is Labor Day for those in the US. Happily, the astrological energy is well-aligned for a day off in celebration with friends and family. The Gemini Moon supports fun, light-hearted active conversation over a wide range of topics. This is a good time to connect with people of many different circles. It is a good time to connect with siblings. Travel plans are favored. A short trip from home will be enjoyed by all.


The energy is quite different on Tuesday with the Moon having switched into sensitive, watery Cancer overnight. Suddenly everyone is more emotional and reserved. We crave to be home and by ourselves with a good book and a home-cooked meal. It may be hard to get up and go to work. The desire is to stay in bed. Go easy on other people. Remember that they are sensitive as well. People are easily hurt by insensitive words under these tender conditions.


Wednesday is a good day to connect with your mother, and also to bring out your own motherly attitude. Everyone wants a little extra nurturing. Sharpen your listening skills. Be attentive to other people’s needs. Most importantly, take care of your own needs. A walk by a body of water will be healing. A long bath will be especially nice. Mantra is also a wonderful way to ease whatever tension is creeping up. Consider Nirinjan Kaur’s album, “To the Heart” as the perfect choice to add to your collection at this time. Tracks like “Sunia” and “Waves” help to balance the water element and bring you to a point of peace and stillness.


The Moon is void-of-course for about an hour on Thursday morning, so don’t be surprised if you wake up feeling a little off balance. Sleep in. Take it easy. Don’t make any big decisions first thing. At 10am EST (7am PST), however, the Moon is back on track and we are in the clear. For the rest of the day our thinking is sharp and the attitude is jovial. Enjoy yourself, enjoy others, make jokes and relax.


Friday is a good day for follow through. Get things done. This is a day to take charge. Take the lead on projects that need finishing and rally the troops to hop on board and complete the tasks at hand. Keep in mind, however, that egos may flare. People want to be noticed and appreciated. Three minutes of ego-eradicator can help you in a pinch.


Saturday morning is another good day to sleep in. Again the Moon is void-of-course in the morning for about an hour and then back on track at 10:30am EST (7:30am PST). After this time we are in the clear and set to go. Tackle the chores of the day. It is a time to get organized and do your fall cleaning. Clear out the clothes you no longer wear and the extra plates and dishes that you no longer use.


This spirit continues on Sunday with the New Moon presiding. The theme is “out with the old and in with the new.” This is a time to break old habits and start new ones. Begin a new dietary regime. Begin a new forty-day meditation. As the Moon grows, so will this new cycle in your life. This is the day to put your prayers out to the universe. This is the day to set things in motion. Look at the little things in your life that happen every day that need changing. Taking care of the details will help you make the big changes that you desire.

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