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The Moon is waxing. She is getting bigger every day and staying up later and later every night. As a result, our emotional energy is waxing this week as well. Our emotional reserves are fuller and it feels as if we have more energy at our disposal. It is a time for energetic, challenging kriyas that help to strengthen our naval and increase our aura. If you are looking for a book that packs a punch, in terms of a large bank of a variety of such kriyas to choose from, look no further than the manual KRIYA: Yoga Sets, Meditations & Classic Kriyas. If there were only one kundalini manual that you needed, this would be it.

On Monday, the Sagittarius Moon puts us in good spirits. Lift people up with your wit, your humor and your positive attitude. If something starts to get you down, remember to look at the big picture! Put things in perspective, adopt an attitude of gratitude and take the high road.

Tuesday’s energy calls on you to study or read up on a subject matter that appeals to you. Seek the guidance of a spiritual teacher. Spend time in meditation. Look to people, resources and situations that inspire you. Expand your horizons. It is a good time to connect with people of different backgrounds or ethnicities. Foreign people, places and cultures are all favored. At the very least, visit your local restaurant of Indian, Asian, or Mexican cuisine.

The challenge on Wednesday arises from the fact that the Moon is at a difficult angle with the Sun, suggesting tension between the masculine and feminine polarities. Friction between the sexes is likely to crop up at home and at the workplace. Don’t take it personally. The two sides are not seeing eye to eye. One says go while the other says stop. One feels risky and lucky while the other is cautious and grounded. One is reaching for unrealistic goals while the other is concentrated solely on the details. Whatever the issue is, you may not be able to solve it today. Let that be okay.

Also realize that things are further complicated by the fact that the Moon is void-of-course for most of the morning, depending on what time zone you are in. It isn’t until 12:24pm EST (9:24am PST) that the Moon gets back on track. Don’t make any major decisions or plans until after this time. Before then, our intuition is off and our heads are in the clouds.

The Moon asks us to take a look at the time and get to work on Thursday. How did it get to be this late in the week already? You may feel overwhelmed. There is still so much to be done! Don’t panic. Stay grounded, stay focused and stay efficient. You will get it done, albeit one step at a time. Keep sight of your goals. Focus your energy. Don’t let yourself get distracted by people or situations that are trying to pull you off center.

The same is true for Friday. Keep a strong work ethic and keep an eye on the time! Get it done now. You will be more productive than you think. Take advantage of your clear mind and sharp focus during the workday and early evening. At 8:14pm EST (5:14pm PST), the Moon goes void-of-course and for the rest of the day, our intuition is off and decision making is misinformed.

Unexpected people and events will crop up on Saturday. Go with the flow and enjoy the ride. It is a good idea to form alliances with those who you resonate with on an intellectual and spiritual level. Engage in a group project to help the neighborhood, or some organized community cause.

Community is especially important on Sunday. Unite with the group and lift each other’s spirits. Take it easy on this day and have fun with the people around you. More joy will be derived from doing things for others than by doing something only for yourself. There is a feeling of camaraderie in the air today. Jump on the bandwagon and feel how good it feels to be part of the team.

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