The Moon is waning this week. She is staying up later and later in the sky each night. As a result you will notice that your emotional reserves are growing as well. You might find that your dream activity increases as the week goes on, along with any ‘night owl’ tendencies.

Monday’s lunar Capricorn energy says that it’s time to get to work. Put your nose to the grindstone and get it done. Get started on projects that are important to you. No goal is too big. No mountain is too high. Go for it. Stay grounded, stay focused, and say no to people or social engagements that might interfere with an important agenda item on your list.

Remember that Tuesday is the day of Mars, which always seems to add a spark of urgency or aggression to any action or interaction. Tempers could flare. Don’t be in a rush. The Capricorn Moon is still reigning, reminding us to slow down and take things one step at a time. Don’t take another step up the mountain until you know that you are on solid ground.

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There is a long lunar void-of-course period on Wednesday that is helpful to be aware of. Remember that when the Moon is in this “in between” stage, it feels as if we have lost our sense of direction. Our intuition is off. Decisions are misguided and poorly made. From 1:10pm – 7:52pm EST (10:10am – 4:52pm PST), we experience this phenomenon. During this time remember that it is best to just stick to routine tasks. Postpone any big meetings or strategy sessions for another time.

Unexpected events pop up on Thursday, suggesting that there is magic at work. This is one of those times in which preparation meets opportunity. Keep your eyes open for openings that you did not expect. This could be the big break that you are waiting for. Say “yes”. Don’t hesitate. If you resonate with the energy, the people, and the situation, then you know you are on the right track. Take a leap of faith.

Friday is a time to gather with like-minded individuals. Connect with people of your own tribe. Gain strength by sharing ideas and goals. Opportunities arise. Being in the company of others who share a similar spiritual path is rewarding and rejuvenating. If you are in the mood for romance, surprise the one you love with a unique date. Be creative. Think beyond dinner and a movie. How about a picnic in a special outdoor spot? Attend and art show, a lecture, or a musical event. Make the night into a magical mystery tour.

The big news of the week is on Saturday, the day of the Fall Equinox. We are at the exact halfway point between the Summer and Winter Solstices. This is a time of equal day and night, light and dark on the planet. For those in the Northern Hemisphere, there will now be more hours of darkness than light. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, the days will now become longer than the nights. For this one single day, however, the Earth is in perfect balance of lightness and dark – how appropriate to mark the start of the Sun’s transit through the balanced air sign of Libra.

For the next four weeks, the Sun will be in the sign of the scales, asking us to take a look at how things in our lives are balanced. Look at where you are putting your energy, and consider where you need to be more conservative. Maybe you are focused so much on your career that you have neglected your family. Maybe you are so tied up in family affairs that you have let career goals or aspirations fall by the wayside. Use this time of the Libra Sun to bring your life back into a healthy balance.

The Pisces Moon on Sunday puts us in a dreamy, artistic mood. It is a time to get creative, sing and dance. If you are looking for some good new music to bliss out with, consider Ajeet Kaur’s album, “Darshan”. Dance along with the first track, “Dance of Ganesha” and let all obstacles drop away.

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