We are coming off of a very intense, emotional weekend, as a result of the Full Moon in Pisces that just passed. This week, the Moon will be waning – rising later and later after sunset each night until the point when most of us are in bed before she even gets up. This is a week when we are integrating the effects of the intense lunar energy of the past week. It is a time when we feel drawn to go inward and turn to more meditative yoga sets as opposed to the more outer-directed, physical ones. Our emotional reserves are dwindling this week and by the time the weekend rolls around, make sure you are doing enough in the name of Self Care to keep you sustained. Ask yourself what this means for you. How well are you eating? Are you drinking enough water? Are you taking enough time off to turn inward and really tune in to your own body, emotions and spirit?

There is a feisty feeling in the air as the week gets underway. The Moon is in the first sign of the zodiac, Aries – the God of war and weapons. Everyone is feeling a bit more aggressive and competitive this morning. At around noon EST (9am PST), the Moon goes void-of-course and at this point we feel as if we have lost our sense of direction. Our intuition is off for the remainder of the day. As a result, this is not a time to hold any big strategy meetings at work or make any grand plans or decisions. Instead, it is a time for routine tasks.

On Tuesday, take a step back and conserve your energy. The Moon in grounded Taurus is asking you to move slowly and be patient. Others may be stubborn. Negotiations may be difficult. No one wants to budge. Take your time. There is no need to rush. Appreciate what you have instead of getting too caught up in wanting more.

Enjoy your surroundings on Wednesday. Enjoy good food and comfort. Treat yourself to a nice meal and a massage. Trade massages with the one you love. It is a good night for romance. Enjoy a musical event with someone you care about. Sing together. Dance together. Eat together. Appreciate the moment and delight in the five senses. Take a walk in nature and feel the Earth beneath your feet. If you are looking for a special gift for the one you love, consider the new album by Livtar Singh and Snatam Kaur Khalsa, “Mountain of Smoke.” This set of tracks incorporate thoughtful, prayerful English lyrics with sacred mantra, making a powerful, uplifting album for the enjoyment of all.

On Thursday, The Moon goes void-of-course at 10am EST (7am PST). After this time, interactions with others feel awkward and our sense of direction is off. It’s a good day to take off from work. Make no major decisions or plans. It isn’t until 5pm EST (2pm PST) that our intuition comes back online and we have our wits back with us again.

The airwaves are buzzing on Friday. People have a lot to say and they aren’t afraid to say it. Gossip is abound. It is hard to avoid. Try not to get too caught up in it. Stick with the facts. Stick with the sat nam. You may find yourself wearing many different hats today. Make the phone calls, write the emails and answer the bills that need attention. Your mind is quick and sharp and curious. You can get quite a bit done if you stay focused.

There may be tension between the masculine and feminine polarity on Saturday as a result of the square between the Sun and the Moon. We are having a hard time finding our center as these two luminaries duke it out in the cosmos above. 

We are all feeling a bit more emotional than usual on Sunday thanks to the Sun in her home sign of Cancer. Our feelings are like the ocean tides. Up and down and up and down. Stay home and enjoy a home cooked meal. Connect with your mother. Look to the water element for nourishment and soothing.

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