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The Moon is waning. She is rising later and later each night and each time showing less and less of herself. As a result, you may experience a gradual decline in energy and emotional reserves this week. It is a time to practice yoga kriyas that are more meditative and inward-focused than those that are more physically challenging and rigorous.

The week begins with a challenging lunar void-of-course period on Monday morning. It will take a while for your own energy to kick in. If sleeping in is an option, go for it. Only the latter half of the work day will be productive. In the morning, we have lost our beacon of intuition. Our decision-making skills are off. It is better just to stick to routine tasks. At 3:29pm EST (12:29pm PST), the Moon enters the next sign and we have our wits about us once again. This is when the day really gets going.

On Tuesday we are working with a square between the Sun and the Moon, a phenomenon that happens later in the day. Nevertheless, we’ll be feeling it all day on Tuesday and on Wednesday as well. This is the time when the Moon is exactly at half-mast between Full and New. She is at a ninety-degree angle with the Sun, suggesting that there will be tension between the masculine and feminine polarities today and tomorrow. Tension is in the air. It seems that anything you do or say causes friction of some sort. Ease the situation by staying flexible and using language that is not threatening or accusing. Offer suggestions, ask questions and make requests instead of making demands, complaints or criticisms.

Talk things out in the morning on Wednesday, when the Gemini Moon encourages communication all around. At 2:35pm EST (11:35am PST) however, communication goes haywire when the Moon makes her last major angle to a planet before entering the next sign, thus kicking off about a four-hour void-of course period. During this afternoon time, realize that any communication may create more confusion instead of clarity. Both parties are a little off and it is hard to synchronize with each other. It isn’t until 6:12pm EST (3:12pm PST) that we have our intuition back and things flow smoothly with others once again.

Thursday is a time of sensitivity and healing. Everyone is feeling more sensitive than usual. Be aware of people’s fluctuating emotions. Be patient and nurturing. Practice your listening skills. Meanwhile, make sure that you are taking care of yourself. Treat yourself to good meals. If you are looking for some new music to help you sink into a meditative mood, to keep you company in your car, and to chant along with while you cook your mung beans and rice, turn to Krishna Kaur’s rich and soulful album, Longing. Feel her true passion through beautiful, powerful vocals combined with masterful and colorful instrumentation. Mantras like “Man Jeetai Jagadeet” and “Adays Tasai Adays” will rock your world.

This gentle sensitivity and vulnerability continues on Friday as the Cancer Moon reins. This is a good time to nest at home, do some cooking and clean the kitchen. Family – especially your mother – plays an important role. Be present on the domestic scene.

Saturday’s mood is playful and exuberant. Have fun. Saturday night is a good time to express yourself through colorful dress and go out on the town. The theater is calling. Go on a romantic date with someone you love. Arrange a first date with someone new. There is a childlike excitement in the air. Get on board and enjoy.

Spend time with children on Sunday. Let your playful inner child come out and join the fun. Take the lead in projects and games but don’t let your ego get out of hand. Consider a little “ego eradicator” to help keep it in check. At 8:55pm EST (5:55pm PST), the Moon goes void-of-course for the next four hours. During this time, don’t make any big plans or decisions. Don’t start planning for the week ahead. Instead, just wind down, clean up and bring the week to a close with a meditation of gratitude and self-love.

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