The Moon is waxing. She was exactly new this past Sunday and now she is growing. This is a time to put the new cycles into motion. It is a time to move forward with the goals that you set for yourself at the time of the New Moon. During the beginning of the week she sets just past sunset, and with each passing day she stays up later and later each night. As a result you might find yourself becoming more and more active during the night, especially toward the end of the week as the first quarter Moon approaches. Remember that we are in the season of Virgo. Details matter. Stay grounded and be mindful of the small things. What you do on a daily basis in terms of what you eat, how you dress and how you treat others all matters! All the little things add up.


On Monday morning the Moon moves into harmonious Libra. She asks us to find balance in our lives. Examine the areas in which we put too much of our energy, thus neglecting other parts of our lives, or perhaps other people. Maybe you put so much effort into taking care of other people that you forget to take care of yourself. On the other hand, maybe you are so focused on yourself and your own needs that you have completely neglected the needs of certain relationships.


Keep a lookout for injustice on Tuesday. Do what you can to right the wrong. Admit mistakes when you make them. If you notice an imbalance in the workplace, be vocal about it. Go to bat for the little guy. This is a time to work together. If certain people feel as if they are getting the short end of the stick, the whole community is thrown out of whack. If you feel that you are getting thrown out of balance yourself, consider tuning in to the naad to help you find your center again. The “White Sun II” album has a track called “Suniai” which you might find especially helpful at this time to find that place of stillness within. Also, the  “Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur” can help bring the miracles that you are hoping to manifest.

The Moon is void-of-course all morning on Wednesday, suggesting that this is a good day to sleep in. Our brains don’t turn on until mid-day. During this morning period our intuition is off and we have lost any clear sense of direction. This is not a time to hold meetings or make important plans for the future. Instead, just stick to routine tasks. At 2:15pm EST (11:15am PST), the Moon is back on track and you find that your thinking becomes clear again.


On Thursday, the Scorpio Moon turns up the emotional volume on everything. Does it feel as if everyone is turning molehills into mountains? The smallest things get blown way out of proportion toay. It may be hard to avoid an emotional power struggle or difficult tug-of-war. People are cutting right to the core of the issue and so should you. This is a good opportunity to get below the surface and deal with the root cause of the issue.


The energy lightens up on Friday with the Sagittarius Moon encouraging everyone to take the high road. Transform difficult situations by sticking to the truth, sat nam. Look toward a spiritual teacher or teachings to help give you the guidance you are looking for. Attend a class or a lecture to inspire you and bring you to the most elevated form of yourself.


Saturday is a great day for adventure – even a small one. Journey to somewhere that holds a learning opportunity for you and/or your family. Perhaps a museum, historic site or place of natural beauty is calling you. Such an adventure broadens your horizon and increases your perspective on the world.


The Moon is at half-mast on Sunday, rising at noon and setting around midnight. She is at a 90-degree angle to the Sun, suggesting that there is tension between the masculine and feminine polarities. Don’t be surprised if you get edgy with people of the opposite sex.

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