We are in the middle of the transit of the Libra Sun. The focus is on balance, harmony and justice. Look to where there is an imbalance in your life and take steps to consciously correct it. Speak out if you see injustice in the workplace or in the world around you. “Can’t we all just get along” is the motto of the times. Ask yourself what you can do to create better peace in your community, in your family  and within. Take a look at your daily practice. Do you take time out each day to create your own inner peace? 

This week the Moon is waxing. She is growing larger and larger in the sky as she stays up later and later each night. As a result, you might find yourself staying up later and later each night. By the time the weekend rolls around it may be hard for you to sleep at all since our nighttime brain activity is so stimulating. Pay attention to the dreams that come your way, especially toward the end of the week. Your subconscious mind is trying to tell you something. There is suppressed anger that needs to be expressed. There are unresolved issues that need your conscious attention.

On Monday, unexpected events crop up and throw you for a loop. Roll with the curve balls that come your way. Understand that this is all part of the flow of events. Remember that we are not the ones in control. Surrender to the situation and be patient when things don’t exactly turn out how you think they should. Something greater than you can imagine is in the works. 

Finish up important tasks on Tuesday morning. Join with like-minded people and get the job done. Work for the good for the group instead of worrying about your own personal agenda. At 2:27pm EST (11:27am PST), however, the Moon goes void-of-course and suddenly we are left without a clear sense of direction. As the Moon has temporarily left the stage we feel as if our intuition has shut off – and indeed, it has. For the remainder of the day, make no major plans or decisions. Take the rest of the day off from work if you can. If not, just stick to routine tasks. 

Take the morning off on Wednesday. Our sense of direction doesn’t come back ‘online’ until 12:05pm EST (9:05am PST). At this time, the Moon enters the sign of Pisces, and our intuition returns – in full force! Trust your instincts. Everyone is suddenly emotional – and sensitive. Go easy on others. Be compassionate. This is a time to tackle projects that require a creative eye or artistic approach.

Remember that Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac – the one closest to full merger with the One. This feeling carries over into Thursday and asks us to take time for extra deep meditation, yoga class, or gathering together with friends and chanting the name of God. Sink deeply into that ocean of oneness, of love, and of forgiveness. Sigun Kaur’s Album, “Let there be Peace” is the perfect one to match with the spirit of the Libra Sun. Her long 31 minute renditions of “Let there be Peace” and “Ajai Alai” are perfect for going deeply into the naad during this potent time.

On Friday, the Moon is void-of-course for the entire day, suggesting a time to take off from work and go to the beach. Go for a hike. Make no major plans or decisions. Realize that our intuition is off and our interactions with others are off as well. 

We come out of the gate charging on Saturday morning with the Moon almost Full in fiery Aries. There is a lot of energy within and out on the roadways. This is a good day for physical exercise. Go outside and let off some steam. 

Sunday is the Full Moon in Aries – opposite the Sun in Libra. Take a look at the spectrum of self versus others. Maybe you have put so much into relationships that you have forgotten to take care of yourself. Maybe the reverse is true. Find the balance and reset the scales.

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