horoscopeFeel like sleeping in on Monday? It is probably better that you do. Work decisions will be difficult to make – if not, impossible – not to mention the fact that they will most likely be misguided anyways. The Moon is void-of-course all day starting at 7am EST (4am PST), suggesting that this is one of those days in which it is best that you simply lay low and follow through with routine tasks instead of making any major decisions or participating in any huge strategy meetings. Specifically it is a good time to take care of domestic tasks. Hence, stay home.

The mood is quite different on Tuesday. With the Moon in sunny Leo on the day of Mars, the God of war, there is an upbeat, positive and very active feeling to the day. Your intuition is back on track and it is time to take the lead. Strut your stuff. Wear your best. Seriously, if you want to have a good day, it starts this morning when you are deciding how to present yourself to the world. Be extra conscious of the clothes you put on and how you accessorize. Impressions are important. Be sure to look your best.

Experience and ProjectKeep the party going on Wednesday and keep your smile bright. The Leo Moon, although quite small in the sky, is reminding you to be yourself and to shine brightly! Leo is ruled by the Sun, the center of the universe. Hence you might feel that desire to be the center of attention today, and rightly so you should be. You are the center of your world. Shine like the Sun. Remember who you are and be proud of this person! If you need a little reminder in this department, consider meditating with the mantra, “Ram Ram Hari Ram” by Snatam Kaur, from the album “Experience and Project Your Original Self.

Pay attention to the details on Thursday. Get to the nit picky aspects of projects that you have been putting off. Take care of the clutter. Clean off your desk and refill the ink in your pens. Have you watered your plants lately? Cleaned out your closet? Get grounded and take care of bills and accounting. In addition, consider the fact that this is the last day of Mercury’s retrograde motion for the year. Take advantage of this last full day to pay back money that you owe and collect on debts that are owed to you.

Friday is the day that Mercury goes direct, and hence, communication gets back on track again. Travel plans actually go as planned and your printer decides to make friends with your computer again. Also be aware that since this is the day that Mercury switches direction, it is as if he “stands still” for a moment. Hence, our minds are more still than usual, making it a great day to meditate. Take a minute (or 11) to reflect on these last three weeks of Mercury retrograde and consider what you have learned and reconsidered. It is now time to regroup and move forward again with greater confidence, clarity and less baggage on your back than before.

Saturday is a Moon void-of-course day all day. It is one of those days in which you just feel off. Everyone else seems to be off as well. This is because our intuition is off. Our thinking is off. Don’t worry if you feel out-of-sorts. Just roll with it while taking everything with a grain of salt – including your own muddled thoughts. Enjoy the day without getting too critical of yourself and others.

Sunday is a day of harmony. It is a day of balance. It is a day to reset the scales and find equilibrium within yourself and with the people around you. In addition it is a time to do things with partners. Go shopping with a friend. Buy something nice for yourself. Your taste in colors and patterns is spot on. Consider buying something to spruce up your bedroom or the love corner of your home. Also, it is a great night for a date. Do something romantic with the person you love. Get a baby sitter for the kids. Have a fun night out.

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