The Moon is waning. She is getting smaller and smaller with each passing day as she rises later and later in the night sky. This is the week when we really need to turn inward and self-examine. Meditative yoga kriyas are preferred over the more energetic and physically challenging ones. Furthermore, remember that the Sun has just entered the emotional water sign, Scorpio. Everyone’s a bit more prickly than usual. Do you see the stingers coming out? Scorpio has a tendency to hide the facts, keep secret and then suddenly unload them on you in a rage of emotion outpouring. This is the time to go deeply into taboo issues that we normally keep buried deep in the closet. Let go of old baggage. Scorpio ushers in a period of transformation. This is a time to shed the old skin so that you can grow. Think of the phoenix rising up from the ashes. Don’t worry if you get burned during this time. Whatever happens now is only going to contribute to a beautiful blossoming of colors in the future.


On Monday, we are all extra sensitive thanks to the Moon in crabby Cancer. Remember that Cancer is ruled by the Moon – the fastest moving heavenly body. This is why we can become “moody” at this time – up and down and up and down. We may want to retreat into our beds – stay home and cuddle up to a hot bowl of soup and a good book. A homemade meal can solve everything. So can a call to your mother.


Connect with the water element on Tuesday. Take a nice long bath, take a walk by a body of water and be sure to drink plenty of water. Nothing could be more perfect than Snatam Kaur’s beautiful new track, “Water of Your Love,” or any of the beautiful versions Sat Narayan.  It’s all about water today.


The Moon is at half-mast on Wednesday. She is at the start of her 4th quarter phase, with half a Moon left that will continue to dwindle as the week continues. The Moon and the Sun are at a cross angle, suggesting that there may be tension between the masculine and feminine polarity. Don’t be surprised if there is a battle of the sexes, or at least an undercurrent of such. This is to be expected. One side wants to show off. One side wants to be the boss. There are secrets, power struggles and manipulations going on. Egos are flaring up. Take a step back and breathe. The one minute breath is your friend.


Thursday is All Saints’ Day. The veil is thin between worlds. This is a time to connect with your ancestors. They are available to help, but you have to ask. Find a quiet moment. Tune in. Put in your request. Most importantly, listen.


On Friday, the Virgo Moon asks us to get organized. Pay attention to details and stay focused. Your analytical mind is active and discerning. This is a good day to balance your checkbook and/or create a budget. Look at what you need to do on a daily basis in order to achieve the long term goals that you are shooting for. This applies to your finances as well as your health. Look at the little things that you spend your money on and see how they add up over a month’s time. Similarly, examine the foods you eat – those little bits of sugar and caffeine. Look at their negative effects over time.

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