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October is underway and the Moon is waxing! Our emotional reserves are getting stronger and we find ourselves more active after the Sun goes down. Notice how your dream state may become more vivid as the week’s energy crescendos and then peaks on Thursday with the Full Moon in Aries. Over the weekend, emotional energy is still strong and blow-outs are possible. Truth is rising to the surface this week and more and more ego is being exposed.

On Monday we don’t have our wits about us until the Moon shifts into the sign of Pisces, which is exact at 10:26am EST (7:26am PST). Before this time, make no major decisions or plans. It is after this time that the work week truly gets underway.

Creative projects, imaginative solutions, and compassionate strategies are all favored on Tuesday with the Pisces Moon dominating the scene. It is a time to feel deeply into our emotions and use that energy to fuel artistic endeavours such as music, dance and creative writing. Close your eyes and tap into what is going on deep within you. Find ways to express it that don’t include spoken word.

The Moon is void-of-course for a significant portion of the day on Wednesday, suggesting that you might want to sleep in and go to work late. Nothing productive is going to happen in the morning. If decisions are made, they may have to be reworked or re-made later on. People are misinformed and our intuition is off. Interaction with others is unstable just because no one seems to have a handle on what’s going on. It isn’t until 4:40pm EST (1:40pm PST) that the Moon is back on track and we can interact and make decisions with confidence.

The most climactic time of the week is on Thursday, thanks to the Full Moon in Aries, exactly opposite the Sun in equality-minded Libra. Issues regarding the needs of the self versus the needs of the other, or the needs of the relationship, are foremost on a personal level and on a global level. Remember that Aries is the God of War, and this energy is being polarized by the Libra Sun who is calling for peace on Earth. Tension mounts as each has their reasons for digging their heels into the sand. Note where you stand on these issues, both in your own home and among your community & country.

The emotional temperature continues to be hot with the Aries Moon holding court on Friday as well. A recommended course of action: physical activity! Go for a run, a hike or a long walk in your neighborhood. Get outside and move your body. Climb a mountain. There is a great deal of energy within you that needs to move! Need some good coaching on how to do just that? Turn to the book Divine Alignment by Guru Prem Singh Khalsa. If you don’t have this book in your collection, be sure to get it! This manual is a must-have especially for teachers and first-time practitioners who are looking to correct and refine their postures within the context of Kundalini Kriyas.

Saturday’s energy calls for everyone to slow down and enjoy. Relax and unwind – truly! This is a day to enjoy the comforts of the world around you. Take refuge in your own home and enjoy a scrumptious meal. There is no need to rush to get anywhere or to acquire something new. Simply take advantage of what you have. Good music is favored. Trade massages with your loved one. If you are in the market for a loved one, tonight holds great opportunities for meeting someone new. Love is in the air! Soak it up. Be it. Radiate it, and feel it gravitating to you!

The Moon is void-of-course for 12 hours on Sunday, starting at 9:45am EST (6:45am PST). From this point on through the next 12 hours, don’t make any big decisions or plans. It may be tempting to start mapping out the week ahead but don’t do it! Instead, just stick to routine tasks. Clean the house, cook a homemade meal and meditate. Don’t push yourself to make any informed decisions!

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