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The Moon is in her final waning phase this week. Our emotional reserves may be low. The tendency is to turn inward. The feeling of fall is in the air. On Monday, we are asked to pay attention to the details and get organized with our affairs. The challenge is to not be too critical of ourselves and others along the way. Be open to fully understanding the situation before you start critiquing it. Stay grounded and focused. This is a good day to seriously look at your health and how you are (or are not) maintaining daily habits to keep yourself in good physical and mental shape.

There is a morning lunar void-of-course period to watch out for on Tuesday so be sure to mark it on your calendar. From 7:37am – 1:35pm EST (4:27am – 10:35am PST), the Moon is in her “in between” phase, suggesting that we have lost touch with our beacon of intuition. Everything feels off. It is hard to find real direction. Interactions with others may feel awkward or unsettled. Don’t put too much stock in your thoughts or decisions during this time. In fact, you shouldn’t make any significant decisions at all. Routine tasks are best.

The key word on Wednesday is balance. Reset the scales. The Moon and the Sun are both asking you to examine the parts of your life that need to be adjusted. Where have you given so much of yourself that you have forgotten time to take care of you? Maybe you are so focused on yourself that you have forgotten the other? How well do you balance home life and career? How about the balance between work and play? Use Wednesday as a day of serious self-examination.

Thursday is the day of the New Moon — the time of the exact conjunction between the Sun and the Moon in the cardinal air sign, Libra. Based on the self-examination you have done recently, make a declaration of change for yourself. The New Moon is the perfect time to put a new practice into motion. It is the time to start a new habit and/or break an old one. Be honest with yourself with regard to what you want to let go of, manifest or change. The focus is on peace, equanimity, and relationships. Take a look at your relationships with others. Note the patterns. Note what you like and don’t like. What do you need to change within yourself in order to manifest the kind of relationship that is fulfilling and meaningful to you? Write it down in your journal. Put the prayer out to the universe. This is the time to make the commitment to yourself and others in order to make it happen.

The emotional thermometer turns up on Friday thanks to the Moon’s transit through the extreme water sign, Scorpio. People will be hot or cold— all or nothing— and the stingers are out. Be prepared for a showdown. People are determined, stubborn and secretive. Most likely, you will feel your own set of volatile emotions rising up to the surface at this time. Consider connecting with Ajeet Kaur’s beautiful album Sacred Waters. Chanting along with, or just having the powerful vibration of the mantras from this album playing in your home or car, will help you transform any situation for the better.

Keep the album playing through Saturday as well as the lunar transit through Scorpio continues. This is a good time to follow through with projects at home. “Get it done” is the motto. When it comes to interpersonal communication with others, the key is to get to the heart of the matter. This is a time to dig deeply, not just stay on a superficial level. You have an opportunity to do some serious healing on issues that are usually not talked about or simply brushed aside.

The mood lightens on Sunday with the Sagittarius Moon taking the reins. This is a time to think big, look at the bright side, and expand your way of thinking. Take the high road, go with the flow, and treat a loved one to dinner of foreign cuisine.

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