The Moon is waxing this week. She is getting bigger and staying up later each night. Our emotional reserves are growing as well. This is the time to work toward the goals that you set for yourself at the time of the New Moon last Monday. Stay strong on your trajectory. Keep the momentum going! Meanwhile, keep the physical body strong with navel kriyas this week. It is a time to tackle the more challenging, physically-demanding kundalini sets. You have the strength and power to do more than you think.


On Monday, the Capricorn Moon encourages us to get to work. Get the ball rolling on projects that are important to you. Stay grounded and be mindful of the time. Feeling the pressure? Then start, and the pressure will be off. You can climb mountains today – one step at a time. You can and will reach the goals that you set for yourself. Stay focused and go for it. Your actions are efficient and your determination is strong. Keep up!


Things might get a little rough on Tuesday thanks to the fact that the Moon comes into exact square with the Sun, marking the start of the 2nd Quarter Moon. This is a time when the masculine and feminine polarities are at odds. The Libra Sun wants peace and balance. The Capricorn Moon is ambitious yet easily hurt. People might seem cold today. You may feel as if you are being “shut out” by someone you love. “It’s not fair!” may be a common mantra. Ambitious career goals and dreams may set a delicate family dynamic out of balance. Take note that the Moon goes void-of-course at 5:49pm EST (2:49pm PST). From this point through the remainder of the day, the Moon is behind the scenes changing her costume into the next sign. As a result, we feel a little out-of-sorts. We have lost our sense of direction. Our intuition is out-of-whack. When this happens, it is best to stick to routine tasks and not make any major decisions or future plans.


Our minds are clear again on Wednesday with the Moon in electric Aquarius. Keep in mind that the energy from the quarter Moon still lingers, so that tension between the sexes also remains. People will come out of the blue and surprise you today. Link up with your allies. Come together with like-minded individuals and work together toward a common goal.


The inner rebel comes out to play on Thursday. This is a time when we want to push the envelope. “Revolution!” is the mantra of the day. Mantras including “Gobinde Mukande” and “Pavan Guru” help to make you fearless during these turbulent times.

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The Moon is void-of-course for a large portion of the day on Friday, putting everyone into a bit of a daze. This is not a good time to make any big decisions at work or hold any important strategy meetings. Instead, continue with routine tasks and keep conversation light. Interaction with others feels off. That’s because it is! It is not until 4:20pm EST (1:20pm PST) that the Moon gets back on track and we have our sense of direction back once again.


On Saturday, the Pisces Moon encourages us to dance, paint, and dream. It is a time to express ourselves through creative means. Sing songs, write songs, play songs. Connect with others and have a party. This evening, the Moon connects with Mercury in Scorpio, suggesting intimate and deep conversation with someone you love. Get down to the nitty gritty. Share your dreams together. What do you want to do together? Where do you see the relationship in five years? Ten years? Be honest. Be sensitive. Be vulnerable.


Things are all good for most of the day on Sunday. Relax, enjoy and take a trip to a body of water. The water element is extra soothing today. Much healing comes when you surrender and enjoy a walk by the sea, a lake or a nearby stream. Listen to the sound of the water. Let it soothe you.


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