The Moon is waning. She is rising later and later after sunset, each time appearing smaller and smaller in the night sky. This is a week to turn inward as our emotional reserves gradually wane. It is a time to turn toward internal issues as opposed to getting too distracted by outer situations.

The week starts off with an emotional bang. The Full Moon was exact on Sunday night and we will be feeling the effects of it on Monday morning. In addition, the Moon is void-of-course in the early hours, suggesting that not only do we start off feeling emotional, but we also feel out-of-sorts. Our sense of direction is off and we feel as if we have lost our intuition. Don’t make any major decisions or plans on Monday morning. This is not a day to rush into work early and set your agenda for the week. Use the morning to meditate, relax and tackle routine tasks. At 12:24pm EST (9:24am PST) we feel the shift in energy as the Moon gets back on track and our intuition does as well. 

Tuesday’s energy is steady, grounded, and firm. It is a day to get things done. Set your compass and charge ahead. Stay on track and continue until you reach the finish line. Be your own barometer with regard to how things are going. Try not to become judgmental or jealous. You’re on your own schedule with your own timeline. Be patient and trust that you are on the right path. Continue forward with confidence and stay true to the inner knowing in your heart.

The Moon is void-of-course for the entire day on Wednesday. Use this day for routine tasks but make no major plans or decisions. Get cozy with the one you love. Enjoy pleasant surroundings, good food and delightful music. Realize, however, that our judgment is off and we have temporarily lost our sense of direction. Stay home from work if possible. The day is better off spent in nature, out on a hike, or in the garden feeling the Earth beneath your feet and in between your fingers.

Our mind is back on track on Thursday – and how! With the Moon in mental Gemini, our brain is buzzing with ideas of people to contact, emails to write, and places to visit. Reach out to neighbors, people you see at the post office and folks you encounter on a daily basis. This is also a good time to reach out to siblings. Let them know that you are thinking about them. 

If there is a certain subject that catches your interest, dive into it on Friday. Quench your thirst for new information and knowledge on any and all subjects that catch your interest. Your mind is seeking fulfillment in new ways. Indulge that curious part of your brain that is willing to take a risk and explore something new – at the expense of being a novice for a while. Let your explorations take you to places that you never even dreamed of. Be willing to try something new just for the fun of it. 

The Moon is in her home sign of Cancer all day on Saturday, offering us a nice, cozy feeling of nurturing and healing. Saturday is a good day for self-care. Stay close to home and pamper yourself. Take a bath. Find a large body of water and take a long walk by the water’s edge. This is a time to connect with your feminine side, regardless of your gender. Tune into your emotions and honor whatever comes up at this time. Our emotions can be like a roller coaster this weekend – rising and falling like the tide. Make sure your boat is well equipped with a liferaft of good mantra. The Aquarian Sadhana (Check out Siri Sadhana Kaur’s version, “Song of Soul”) includes the mantra “Rake Rakhanahar” – the perfect mantra to help you cross your own personal world ocean.

Remember that other people are extremely sensitive on Sunday – not just you. Be extra gentle. Food is a good way to smooth over any difficult situation that arises. You’ll be amazed at how a home cooked meal can cure everything.

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