The Moon is waning this week. She is getting smaller and smaller in the sky as she rises later and later each night. As a result you may notice that your energy is waning this week as well. Our emotional reserves are getting smaller and our fuses are getting shorter.


The week is off to an uncertain start thanks to the Moon void-of-course on Monday morning. You are likely to wake up in a fog. Decisions at work are misdirected and misguided. Take note that it is better to sleep in and postpone important business meetings for another time – namely after 2pm EST (11am PST) when the Moon gets back on track and we have our intuition back on track once again as well.


Situations get tricky on Tuesday thanks to the 4th quarter Moon. Our feminine luminary is rising at midnight and setting at Noon. She is at half mast, suggesting an exact square between herself and the masculine luminary, The Sun. For us here on Earth, this cosmic alignment suggests stress between the masculine and feminine polarity so don’t be surprised if you notice tension along these lines during the day today. The truth is, people are extra sensitive and more easily hurt today. On the flip side, some people may be more cold and distant, setting the stage for bruised egos and hurt feelings.


The Moon is void-of-course on Wednesday morning, suggesting another good day to sleep in. Once again our intuition is off and we feel as if we have lost our sense of direction. Indeed, we have. The whole day may feel rather strange. Interactions with others are off. It may be hard to make a decision about anything, and quite frankly, we shouldn’t. It is better instead to stick to routine tasks. At 5:12pm EST (2:12pm PST), the Moon enters the next sign and our intuition comes back “online” once again.


There is a jolly feeling to the day on Thursday thanks to the Moon in boisterous Leo. This is a day for generosity and big-hearted deeds. Reach out to others and lend a hand – at the very least, a smile. Donate to people’s causes and fundraisers. Do favors. Be supportive. Give away items of yours that are no longer needed. Buy a meal for a friend. Consider sending the gift of music to a loved one or family member who could use a little extra healing at this time. Nothing brings healing like the “Waheguru” mantra by Nirinjan Kaur in her album of the Ether Tattva meditation.

Consider supporting Sat Nam Foundation and the work they are doing around the floor.


The Moon is void-of-course for a large portion of the day on Friday so look out. From 7:30am – 7:19pm EST (4:30am – 4:19pm PST), the Moon is out to lunch. Our intuition is off for that entire period and we feel as if we have lost our sense of direction. Stick to routine tasks and postpone any big decision making for another time.


Detail is the name of the game on Saturday. Pay attention to the little things. This is a day when you may want to work out your monthly budget. Consider the small daily expenses that add up. Look at what you can cut out on a small level that will have a large impact over time. This is also a good day for cooking and cleaning. Prepare meals that you can enjoy now and then freeze leftovers for later on. Infuse your cooking with mantra. Chant as you chop and stir. Similarly as you are sweeping the floor or cleaning out drawers, let mantra be your companion.


There is another all day void-of-course period on Sunday, suggesting a day for relaxation and not making any big plans or decisions. From 10am – 9:10pm EST (7am – 6:10pm PST), the Moon is in her in-between stage and so are we. It is best to stick to routine tasks at this time. Realize that our judgement is off and make no big decisions. Instead, enjoy the company of others in an easy, relaxed environment. Sing songs together and enjoy a community meal. In the evening, romance and partnership are on the menu. Plan something special with the one you love.

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