The Moon is waning. She is coming to the end of another cycle. As a result, your energy may be low as the week begins. Our emotional reserves are down.  Don’t tax yourself unnecessarily. Don’t take on any extra commitments at this time. Conserve your energy . On Monday it is helpful if you work in teams. Don’t attempt anything alone. You are better off working with a partner. Be polite. Manners count. “Please” and “Thank you” will go a long way on a day like today. Dress nicely. Look sharp. You will gain more respect from others if you respect yourself with nice clothing choices.


Tuesday is Election Day for those in the United States. Get out and vote. Make sure that your voice is heard. The Moon moves into emotional Scorpio on Tuesday morning, suggesting that there may be some underhanded business going on during election day. The energy is likely to go to extremes. There could be an explosion of outrage from all sides. Scorpio has to do with manipulation and power plays. These themes may be present as people turn out for the polls and are perhaps turned away or dissuaded in one way or another.


The New Moon is on Wednesday, suggesting that it is time for new beginnings. We are at the start of a brand new lunar cycle. It’s time to let go of the old in order to bring in the new. Let go of that which no longer serves you in order to invite in the things that you want to manifest. What are they? Love, prosperity, good health, happiness, a new sadhana? This is the day to commit – once and for all. Both the Sun and the Moon are together in the powerful transformative sign of Scorpio. This is the time when we rise up from the ashes and begin anew. Make it count.

(Women might choose to start the Many Moons course with Ajeet Kaur which takes you from new moon to new moon.)

The Moon is void-of-course on Thursday morning, so don’t be surprised if you wake up in a fog. You may feel as if you have lost your sense of direction. This is to be expected. Our intuition is off. Where do we go from here? Don’t try to decide that now. It is better to wait until the Moon is back on track again. Take the morning off from work. This is not a time for strategy meetings or any kind of group decisions. We don’t have our senses back with us until 2pm EST (11am PST). At this point, the Moon moves into a new sign and we have our intuition back with us again.


If you need help tuning in on Friday, consider help from the seed mantra, “Ong Namo”. Vibrate the radio frequency of the Golden Chain with the new track from Mirabai Ceiba. This mantra will help get your toes tapping and get your mind tuned in with the divine flow of the universe. Sat nam. Use this day to uplift. The Moon in fiery Sagittarius is asking everyone to elevate. Take the high road. Turn to the teachings of a master. Attend an event tonight that will inspire and uplift.


Use the day on Saturday to be outside with friends. Exercise in any form that inspires you. Group sports are the best. Anything that gets you outside and into nature. Connect with the trees, the Earth, and the sky. Take a short trip. Any sort of travel is favored at this time. Expand your horizons. Even if it is something simple like trying a new restaurant in a neighboring town, do it. Do something today that you have never done before.


The energy takes a shift on Sunday. Even though Sunday is usually considered a day of rest, this Sunday the energy urges us to get things done. Take care of tasks that have been building up during the week. Don’t put it off any longer. Make a list and tackle things one by one. Stay grounded and focused. You will feel better at the end of the day when you have accomplished these items. It’s like climbing a mountain. The task feels daunting, it takes a while, but once you reach the summit, all of that hard work is worth it.

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