The Moon is waxing. She is growing bigger in the sky and staying up later and later each night. By the weekend you will feel the effects of the crescendo of emotional energy about to reach its climax early next week. Use this energy to tackle more challenging yoga sets as you feel your physical strength and emotional strength grow alongside the Moon. Also remember that this is the first full week of the fall Mercury retrograde. Don’t sign any contracts and avoid making purchases of electronic or mechanical things. Keep in mind that communication is off and travel delays and mishaps are more likely to occur than usual. Allow yourself extra time when going to places, especially places that you have never been before. Double check the route that your phone is giving you before blindly setting off into the unknown.

There is tension in the air on Monday thanks to the 2nd quarter square between the Moon and the Sun. Relations between the masculine and feminine are off. There is tension in the air as the two sides rub each other the wrong way. Stubbornness from both sides makes compromise nearly impossible. One side is cold, the other is reactive and emotional. Both are determined and forceful, neither wants to budge.

Tuesday is Election Day in the United States. With the Moon void-of-course from 9:37am – 6:08pm EST (6:37am – 3:08pm PST), one might be skeptical about people’s judgement to make informed decisions during this time. Remember that lunar void-of-course periods are times when our intuition is off and our direction is uncertain. Truth be told, this is not the best time to be holding an election. Consider researching all the issues and candidates before Tuesday and make your decisions before you enter the ballot booth!

The Moon is in dreamy Pisces on Wednesday, setting the tone for compassion and understanding. This is a favorable day for any activity that requires an artistic or creative eye. This is a time to let your dreams take flight. Write things down in your journal. Put your thoughts and emotions into a poem or a song. Compose a piece of music. Sink into deep meditation. 

If you are looking for inspiration in this arena, consider the album, “Mik’ael” by Leigh Ann Phillips. Beautifully crafted multi-instrumental accompaniments to sacred mantras infuse you with just the kind of dreamy background tracks you are looking for. Thursday is a good day to go even deeper into your creative, meditative self as the Moon finishes up her transit through the last sign of the zodiac.

We are off to a fresh and boisterous start on Friday with the Aries Moon taking charge. There is a great deal of Mars energy in the air, suggesting that you might not want to spend too much time out on the roadways. Everyone has their shield out and sword in hand. There is a competitive edge at stop lights, in the workplace, and in the grocery store checkout line.

Saturday is a great day to get out and exercise. Join others in fast, competitive sports. It is best to get that Mars energy out in a healthy manner instead of letting it bubble over into anger or aggression toward others. Hike in the woods, go jogging with a friend. If you’re going out biking or rollerblading, be sure to wear a helmet.

Set your plan early on Sunday. At 9am EST (6am PST), the Moon goes void-of-course, and after this time you shouldn’t make any big decisions or plans. Our sense of direction is off and our intuition is out-to-lunch. It is a time to stick to routine tasks. It is also a good day for visiting with others and enjoying the company around you. The Moon comes back “online” at 6:18pm EST (3:18pm PST). After this time, you are in the clear with the Moon – but remember, Mercury is still retrograde. Nevertheless, Sunday night is a good time for romance. With the Moon almost full in sensual Taurus, it is a great time to indulge in a delicious meal with someone you love. Enjoy good music together. Get to know each other better. Laugh.

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