The Moon is waning this week. As a result, it may feel like and emotional come down from the excitement of last week’s Full Moon holiday weekend. This week it feels like we are wrapping things up, turning inward more, and doing some reflecting. Go back over things that need mending or re-visiting. Remember that Mercury is still retrograde. It is not a time to shop for things with mechanical or electrical parts. If you feel you must make that kind of purchase, be sure to get a warranty. Also, allow extra time to get where you are going. Confused directions and app malfunctions will be more common than usual. You may lock yourself out of your car or your house. You left your phone somewhere when you meant to bring it with you. What is up?? Mercury retrograde!


On Monday, we are feeling extra sensitive and vulnerable. As a result we may put up a very tough outer front. The truth is, little things may be hurting us quite badly. Monday is the “Moon’s Day” so we may feel rather moody. It is a good day to connect with the water element, and with our mothers. Food and our own cozy home offer the kind of comfort that we crave on a day like this. Stay home and enjoy leftover turkey soup.


Tuesday is sunny and bright. The influence of the Leo Moon in harmony with the Sun in Sagittarius puts a positive spin on everything. This is a day to smile big and hug long. Elevate! Remember Yogi Bhajan’s words – that our job is to be the lighthouse. Embrace the fire element and transform. Feeling anger? Transform it into love. Feeling fear? Transform it into faith. If you are looking for a specific mantra to help you step on to the positive side of the street, consider Harnam’s album, “Awakening Your Creative Fire: Meditations for Transformation”. Tracks for “Creativity and Willpower” and “Creativity and Balance” offer the perfect soundtrack for the energy of this time.

The Moon in Leo continues on Wednesday. Take the lead and be confident. Just don’t let the ego get out of hand! We may have a tendency to be too full of ourselves and a bit too narcissistic. If you find this to be the case, keep yourself in check with a little “Ego eradicator”. Three minutes in the morning and again in the evening will help put you into balance.


The Moon begins her fourth quarter phase on Thursday, meaning that she is exactly halfway between Full and New. She is at half-mast, suggesting tension between the masculine and feminine polarities. There is friction in the air. Everything may feel like a fight. Try not to let things escalate. Practice patience and understanding. Also remember that Mercury is retrograde. You might not be completely hearing what the other person is really saying. We are likely to be too critical of each other – yet another source of tension.


Take care of details on Friday. Get things organized. Stay grounded and be practical. The Virgo Moon helps us to analyze and set things straight. Just don’t be too hard on yourself if things don’t work out exactly perfect. It’s totally okay if they don’t.


The Moon moves into Libra on Saturday morning, suggesting a time for balance. The emphasis is on equality. If something is unfair, work to make it fair. If you see an injustice, do what you can to right the scales. Tonight is a night for romance. Take your loved one out for a romantic date. Partnership is favored. Wear something spectacular and enjoy a good meal together. Afterwards, go dancing! Or at least go for a long walk.


On Sunday, do things with your partner. Enjoy the companionship of having a buddy by your side, regardless of the activity. It is a day to beautify. Clean up your home, buy some nice decorations. Pick out new curtains. Buy new table linens and cloth napkins. Also it is a good time to clean up your own appearance. Get a haircut, go shopping for yourself. Your eye for color and patterns is extra sharp under the influence of the beauty-loving Libra Moon.

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