The Moon is waxing this week. Emotional energy is building. Notice the gradual crescendo of emotion that culminates toward the end of the week. This is the energy of Mother Moon growing stronger and staying up later and later each night. As a result you will find that your dream state becomes more active as the week continues. You may find yourself becoming more of a night owl as well. It is hard to deny the emotional pull of the Moon. More and more information is revealed. More secrets are opening up. We become more brazen, more bold as the week goes on.


Already the week starts out on a pretty bold note thanks to the Aries Moon holding court. The week begins with a charge out of the gate. There is a competitive edge in the air. There is an added aggression to every action and deed. Everyone is feeling feisty. Anger is rising to the surface. Channel this extra energy into your yoga practice, or exercise of some sort. Otherwise, it may manifest in a way that is not so pleasant. This is a great time for the kundalini kriya, “To Release Inner Anger”, which can be found in the book, “Owner’s Manual for the Human Body.”

Tuesday is spicy as well. For one, it is the “Mars” day of the week. Mars is the God of war and weapons. Take note. People will be picking up their battle axes and swinging! Furthermore, the Moon in Aries continues to rein, keeping an aggressive edge one everything. Between 5:45pm and 6:45pm EST (2:45pm and 3:45pm PST), the Moon is void-of-course, so pay attention to this particular hour. Make no major plans or decisions during this time. We feel out of sorts, like we have lost our sense of balance. Stick to only routine tasks.


On Wednesday, the Moon in Taurus asks us to slow down and enjoy. Savor every bite of the delicious meals that you prepare. Talk a walk in nature and feel the Earth beneath your feet. Listen to uplifting music. Really listen. Slow down and listen. Don’t worry about reaching out for more. This is a time to enjoy what you have.

This is also a week of giving.  Consider giving to Sat Nam Foundation.  Click through to explore the work Sat Nam Foundation is doing.

Thursday is the day of Thanksgiving. Keep gratitude in your heart on this day. Instead of getting too wrapped up in things that you don’t like or things that you feel are wrong, keep your mind focused on all that you have to be thankful for. On Thursday, the Sun enters Sagittarius. This is a big Solar change – one that will set the backdrop of vibrational tone for the next thirty days. The theme here is elevation. Ask how you can elevate the situation. How can you elevate yourself and others? Review your practice. Maybe there is a course that you would like to attend to deepen your practice and bring you to the next level. This is the time to do it. It is a time to expand your horizons – both physically and spiritually. Take a trip. Travel of any kind is favored at this time. Experience new cultures and new cuisine. Expand your mind. Enjoy new experiences that stretch yourself in different ways.


The Full Moon is exact on Thursday night and carries intense emotional energy into Friday. The Sagittarius Sun is opposite the Gemini Moon, creating a dance of great confusion. Draw the line between truth and hearsay. What is elevating information and what is gossip? Notice where you put your energy. Is it taking you around in circles or do you have a clear trajectory toward something meaningful and long lasting. What is your legacy?


On Saturday, the Gemini Moon has us wearing many hats. We adjust well to each situation, often being the bridge between people who don’t otherwise communicate. Communication is the name of the game on Saturday.


On Sunday, the Cancer Moon encourages us to stay home and eat leftovers. Relax in a nice long warm bath. Connect with your Mother. Nurturing and comfort is the theme for the day. Embrace it. Cancer asks us to connect with the water element. Get in touch with your emotions and don’t be afraid to cry.

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