The week begins on an intense note. The Moon is almost Full and she is waxing. This is an emotionally powerful time when people are determined, stubborn, sensitive and passionate! Use the energy on Monday to finish up tasks that need to get done. See things through to completion. This may be tricky with the energy of Mercury retrograde still activating, but do your best. Remember that we are in the middle of a three-week period when communication, travel and electronics are all off. Avoid buying anything with mechanical and electrical parts and don’t sign any contracts during this time. 

The Moon is exactly Full on Tuesday morning, suggesting that the entire day will be emotionally charged. Important issues are coming to the surface. Information is coming into the light. Truth is being exposed. The Full Moon is a time when we may need to alter our course of action a bit. Take a turn in a new direction. Now that the full truth is being revealed, you may want to commit to taking a new direction – but do it early in the day! (For instance, during your sadhana in the Amrit Vela). The Moon is void-of-course from 10:48am EST (7:48am PST) through the remainder of the day. During this period, Avoid making any big decisions or plans. Our intuition is off and we have temporarily lost our sense of direction. 

Talk it out on Wednesday. The Moon is back on track and so is your intuition. It may be helpful to discuss the emotional upwelling you experienced over the last couple of days. This is a good time to clear the air and be honest with others with regard to your experience. People’s actions lately have been reactive and emotionally charged but not necessarily well guided. Good old fashioned communication is called for in order to clear the air and sort out the lost and broken pieces. Of course, this may be challenging with Mercury still retrograde. Nevertheless, do your best!

Answer emails, phone calls and text messages on Thursday. Take care of the pile of mail on your desk and in your email box. Get back to people. Let them know that you haven’t dropped off the face of the Earth. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, consider Mahan Rishi Singh’s online course ‘Overcoming Stress.’

You may wake up feeling off balance on Friday due to the Moon’s early morning void-of-course period. At 11:15am EST (8:15am PST), however, the Moon is back on track and you are ready to face the day with courage and confidence. Take note that your intuition will actually be stronger than usual on Friday so be sure to stay tuned in to that voice inside your heart. Tonight is a good night to stay in and get cozy with the one you love. A homemade meal at home will be more rewarding than a boisterous night out. 

Saturday is a good time to get down by the water. Connect with the ocean, a lake or river. Take a walk with someone you care about and take a conscious moment to hear the sound of the water tricking, rushing or crashing beside you. At the very least, treat yourself to a scented bath with some intentional aromatherapy. Call your mother and let her know how much you love her.

Sleep in on Sunday and enjoy a delicious breakfast in bed. Your own home is nourishing and comforting. At 3:14pm EST (12:14pm PST), however, take note. For the next hour and 45 minutes, the Moon will be void-of-course. Take a siesta during this time. Slow down, relax, and don’t make any big decisions or plans. Stick to routine tasks. At 5:00pm EST (2:00pm PST), the Moon is back on track and for the rest of the day we have our intuition back with us again. The rest of the day should be devoted toward merrimaking, romance and quality time with kids.

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