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The week begins on a tense note. The Moon is at exactly “half-mast”, that is, she is halfway between fullness and newness. She is at a cross-angle to the Sun, suggesting that the male and female polarities are at cross-purposes with each other. You may notice a bit of tension between you and people of the opposite gender. There is friction in the air. Furthermore, the Moon is waning all this week, as she slowly disappears from the sky, rising later and later each night. As a result, our emotional reserves may wane this week as well. We easily become overwhelmed by things. Take it easy on yourself and others. Look inward.

There is a surprise element to the day on Tuesday. Unexpected events will dot the radar. Be open to things that you didn’t expect. An unforeseen turn of events could prove to be quite favorable. You need to be open to them, however, and you need to be willing to say “yes” even though this event or person was not “planned.” Furthermore, you need to be willing to follow through with commitments today. See things through to the finish. Don’t let them linger halfway.

There is a dreamy, romantic feeling in the air on Wednesday. This is a good night to take someone out for a date. How about a sushi restaurant? Sounds fishy? Then perhaps a nice vegetarian place with a view of the water. Someplace cozy and comfortable where you are able to open up, talk and most importantly, listen. People will need a sympathetic ear today. Be that person for the one you love. Romance blossoms when you allow yourself to show your vulnerable side, and also create a safe place for the other person to show his or hers as well.

Merge with the divine on Thursday. This is a day to let your creativity flow. Let go of the boundaries between self and others. If you are looking for a surefire way to get there, check out Aykanna’s album, Light In The Darkness: Meditations For Transformation. Mantras such as “Humee Hum Brahm Hum” to Remove Inner Conflicts, and Expect & Receive Miracles (Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad) will help take you to a space beyond time and space! Let go of limitations, fears and neurosis. Open up your heart and let the love flow! This is a day to feel your expansiveness, your limitlessness.

There is a feisty, aggressive feeling in the air on Friday thanks to the Moon in go-get-’em Aries. You may be more assertive than usual. Anger may find itself creeping up to the surface. Watch yourself. Make sure you don’t get too snappy toward others. The best remedy for things today: exercise. Get outside and move your physical body. Give a nice healthy outlet for that energy to move. Otherwise it may either fester inside or explode in a fit of rage toward someone who may not necessarily be deserving of such an outbreak.

Continue your exercise program into Saturday. The Aries Moon still reins, thus keeping that feisty feeling in the air. Our physical bodies want to move. Take advantage of the extra energy at your disposal. Do things that require great physical effort. You have more energy than you may think you do.

Sunday is Mother’s Day, so be sure to plan something special for your Mother. Around midday the Moon shifts into sensual, loving Taurus. Taurus loves to indulge in the pleasures of the five senses. Treat your Mom to such pleasures. Start with a delicious meal. How about bringing her breakfast in bed? Surprise her with a delivery of chocolates and flowers. Take her out to a nice restaurant this afternoon or evening. Book her for a day at a local spa. Give her the gift of a massage and a manicure. Offer gifts of fragrant candles or incense. Present her with a piece of art that you made, inspired by her. Taurus loves good food, pleasant surroundings, and uplifting music. Treat her to a concert. Write a song for her. Be creative. Let it come from the heart. If your Mother is not alive on this Earth plane, create an alter in her memory.




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