The Moon is waxing. She is growing bigger in the sky as she sets later and later each night. This is the time to nurture the seeds that you planted for yourself at the time of the New Moon this past weekend. It is a time to nurture your dreams. It is a time to put your words and goals into action. As the week progresses, our emotional reserves are growing. Our strength and confidence grows as the Moon grows. It is a time to tackle the more challenging yoga kriyas. We have the strength and growing stamina to do so.

On Monday, the Moon in two-sided Gemini keeps you guessing. People are acting one way one minute and one way the next. Be careful with your words! Gossip is abound. First of all, don’t start it. Second of all, don’t spread it. Stay out of it. Be a good listener, but also work on the practice of being non-reactive. Words can help a great deal. They can also do a great deal of harm.

Connect the dots on Tuesday. You may find yourself acting as a bridge for people to connect. Make it happen. Wear the different hats necessary to bring people together and make deals happen. Reach out to people you don’t normally talk to. Reconnect with those you haven’t talked with in a while. It is a time to be social and unwind in the company of others. Talk it out. You have something to say. Just be advised that our intuition goes haywire at 7:50pm EST (4:50pm PST). From this point through the rest of the day, we have lost our sense of direction. Connections with others feel awkward. Refrain from making any big deals or plans during this time.

On Wednesday we are feeling sensitive and emotional. Be careful with how you treat others. Take extra care. People may be feeling hurt but they will work hard not to show it. They may be acting tough, but this is only to protect their soft and sensitive insides. Use the water element to help bring balance to the swing of emotions during this vulnerable period. If you’re looking for a set of mantras to help inspire this feeling in your own home, consider the album, “Orca Chantress” by Leesa Sklover Sangeet Kaur. Tracks like “Humpback Kirtan Wahay Guru” and “Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung” are offered in an alternative style, with background electronica and whale sounds that make you feel as if you are underwater.

Enjoy home cooked meals on Thursday as the Cancer Moon encourages us to enjoy the comforts of home. Our mothers are especially important to us at this time. Our own mothering instincts and intuition are awake. Nurture yourself. Light some candles and take a bath. Enjoy music that you love. You will find that staying home and getting cozy inside will be much more rewarding than a night out.

The Moon enters fiery Leo on Friday morning. Note the lift in everyone’s mood. There is an upbeat, optimistic swing to today’s events. Make things festive. Wear colorful clothing that inspires smiles.

Things may get edgy on Saturday thanks to the Sun’s difficult aspect to the Moon, thus setting up an atmosphere of tension between the masculine and feminine polarities. Control struggles ignite. People are being stubborn. Ego eradicator could be a handy tool to pull out of your toolbox.

Sunday is Mother’s Day. This is a day to honor the Mother. Enjoy the celebration. During the morning there is a four-hour lunar void-of-course period when we may feel awkward and out of sorts, but don’t sweat it. It’s only temporary. From 8:24am – 12:22pm EST (5:24am – 9:22am PST), the Moon is out-to-lunch, and as a result, so is our intuition and sense of direction. Interactions with others may feel somewhat awkward during that time. Afterwards, however, we are likely to feel grounded, solid and sensitive to each other’s needs. The remainder of the day offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy a nice walk in the woods or out somewhere in nature where you can feel Mother Earth under your feet with each step.

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