The Moon is waning this week. She is in her last quarter phase as she dwindles down to newness, which will be exact at the start of next week. For now, we are asked to turn our attention inward and focus on our dreams and values that matter most. Bring things to a close and wrap up any loose ends. Take time to look inward and reflect before making any major moves.

Monday is Memorial Day in the United States – a holiday for some. If you have the day off from work – great. The cosmos are giving us the green light to play. This is a time to enjoy music, do artwork and dance. The Moon in creative, dreamy Pisces is helping to get the creative juices flowing. Paint, play music, and express your feelings through poetry, art, movement and song. Let your imagination run wild. It can also be a very emotional day for some. Be on the lookout for tears and sensitive feelings. Put your listening skills to good use. Other people will appreciate an attentive set of ears.

The Moon is void-of-course on Tuesday morning and as a result, it may take some time to get the engine fully firing. It feels like we have woken up in a fog. We have temporarily lost our sense of direction. It is a time to tackle routine tasks. It is not a time to make any big plans or decisions. If you can, sleep in and go to work late. Nothing productive will happen in the morning anyway. It isn’t until 2:32pm EST (11:32am PST) that the Moon is back on track and we have our sense of purpose and clarity back with us again.

Wednesday’s energy is aggressive and explosive. The air from the Gemini Sun is fueling the fire of the Aries Moon. The result is hot hot hot! Fuses are short on a day like this. People easily lose their temper. This is a great day for that favorite yoga set, “To Relieve Inner Anger”, which can be found in the Kundalini Manual, “Owner’s Manual for the Human Body.” Use the technology of Kundalini Yoga, given to us by Yogi Bhajan at a time like this, instead of becoming a victim of the energy at hand.

This feisty energy continues to play out on Thursday morning. The commute to work may be filled with extra aggressive drivers on the road. There is a competitive edge all around. Take note that at 11:08am EST (8:08am PST), the Moon goes void-of-course and for pretty much the remainder of the day, our intuition is out to lunch. Interactions with other people are off and it is hard to find a clear sense of direction. It is best to stick to routine tasks.

The Taurus Moon on Friday helps to cool things down, slow the pace and ease temperaments. It is a time to enjoy what you have instead of getting all tied up in a frenzy about what you don’t have.

The same is true for Saturday. Slow down and enjoy. Indulge the five senses. Taurus asks us to smell the fresh air as we walk and feel the Earth under our feet with each step. Exchange messages with the one you love. Enjoy a delicious meal together. Speaking of love – if you are looking to go out on a date with someone or make a first move toward someone you have your eye on, Saturday is the perfect time to do so. Take it slow, easy and have fun.

The Moon is in bustling Gemini on Sunday as she comes almost exactly conjunct with the Sun in the same sign. Sunday is a good day to connect. Be social. Enjoy the company of others. Many ideas will come through your head today – that’s great. Share them with others. Sunday can be a fun time of hooking up with people and making plans. It is also a good day for travel. Even a short day trip from your home can be quite rewarding. Get out and introduce yourself to new people. Connect and make friends. Look at what you have to share with the people around you and celebrate.

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