There is a fresh change in energy this week, along with an opportunity for new beginnings, as brought about by Friday’s New Moon. In short, there is a refreshing breath of air coming this week that may help launch us out of a slump, both personally and as a collective. Keep in mind, however, that the beginning of the week finds us with the Moon still waning. Our emotional reserves are dwindling and it is a time to really turn inward as we prepare for the fresh new beginning on Friday. 

The energy on Monday is energetic and perhaps a bit aggressive. People are being more assertive and competitive than usual, thanks to the Moon in Aries, the sign of war and weapons. Don’t be surprised if you feel anger rising up to the surface during this time. What can you do about it? Exercise. Move the body. 

This creative, feisty energy continues into Tuesday morning so use it to your advantage. Get started on projects outside and around the house. Don’t worry if the roadmap isn’t entirely clear at this time. Just take the first steps. Be aware, however, that at 4:33pm EST (1:33pm PST), the Moon goes void-of-course. At this time, our sense of direction and intuition is off. It is best not to make any major plans or decisions during this time. Instead, just stick to routine tasks. At 10:10pm EST (7:10pm PST), the Moon moves into the next sign and we are back on track and free to move forward once again.

The headlining energetic shift of the week happens on Wednesday when the Sun moves into the mutable air sign, Gemini. For the next four weeks, the Gemini Sun will provide the backdrop of energy that we’ll move through on a daily basis. Gemini likes to reach out and connect. It is a time to socialize, make friends with your neighbors and strengthen your bond with siblings. It is a time to indulge in all your urges to explore new areas of interest. Take a class or two. Subscribe to a new magazine. Join online groups that share your common intrigues. One thing to be careful of during this time, however, is to not get too caught up in gossip and other small, petty matters. Don’t let your mind get buzzing around so much that you forget to slow down, breathe, and take care of your own body and emotions. One downfall of the Gemini is that they can talk about everything except their own feelings. Don’t get caught in this trap.

On Thursday, the Taurus Moon reminds us to slow down and enjoy. Indulge the five senses and take a long, luxurious time to prepare a scrumptious evening meal for the ones you love.

On Friday, the New Moon offers a time of new beginnings. This is a time to let go of that which no longer serves you so that you may open the door to that which does. This is the perfect day to begin a new forty-day meditation or yoga set. It is a good time to plant seeds – both metaphorically and literally.

Saturday is a good time to gather. Reach out to others – even if it is virtual. People want to feel connected. Find the groups that you resonate with and make contact.

On Sunday we may feel out of sorts for most of the day. At 7:09am EST (4:09am PST), the Moon goes void-of-course and stays that way for most of the day. As a result, we feel off-kilter with ourselves and the people around us. Don’t make any major decisions during this time. Feelings of despair may creep in. We may feel as if we have lost our purpose. Our sense of direction is off. Don’t panic! This is only temporary. Let the mind relax and go with the flow. Stick to routine tasks. At 7:09pm EST (4:09pm PST), the Moon enters the next sign (Cancer) and we feel our intuition back online.

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