The Spirit Voyage Kundalini Horoscope for May 15 – 21, 2017:

Monday is the day to get to work. Don’t waste any time. The astrological energy is helping you out on this one. As soon as you start on your list of tasks, you will be focused, levelheaded and determined to finish them. Go ahead and fill your day with objectives and goals. You will reach the top of the mountain, taking one grounded, practical step at a time.

During this period, you may want to be picky and choosy about whom you are hanging out with. It is okay to say no to certain lunch or dinner dates if you’d just rather have that time to yourself. Be cautious about who you let in to your inner sphere.

During the morning hours on Tuesday, the Moon is void-of-course, suggesting that our judgment is off and our intuition is on an early lunch break. Don’t make any big decisions when you get out of bed this morning. Don’t rush off to any morning meetings. Tell your boss or co-workers to reschedule until the afternoon. It isn’t until 1:50pm EST (10:50am PST) that the Moon moves into the next sign and we have our full wits about us once again.

Wednesday’s energy is rather erratic. Unexpected events may dot your radar. Be on the lookout for the unexpected. Whatever comes your way today, the most important thing is that you be yourself. Be your authentic, original self. This is not a time to make excuses for your behavior or to pretend that you are someone that you aren’t, or that you believe something that you don’t.

The Moon reaches a square with the Sun on Thursday, suggesting that male/female relationships might feel a bit strained. It is hard for the two polarities to see things eye-to-eye. Be careful of pushing too hard. Both the Sun and the Moon are in fixed signs, suggesting that neither side is likely to budge.

The energy softens on Friday when the Moon enters sensitive, compassionate Pisces. This is a time when our senses are heightened and our emotions feel more vulnerable than usual. It is a good time to express yourself through dance, art and music. If you are looking for a special treat, connect with the divine, uplifting mantras performed by Sangeeta Kaur in her beautiful album Niguma. With masterful instrumental arrangements that include cello, viola, and harp, Sangeeta Kaur brings together a beautiful collection of sacred mantras and inspirational songs in multiple languages.

The big news on Saturday is the Sun’s entrance into Gemini, the sign of the twins. Gemini is a mutable air sign, suggesting that this is the kind of energy that is good at going with the flow. For the next four weeks, we will experience the background influence of the Gemini Sun, asking us to be flexible and learn how to connect with different types of people. It is a time when we may be asked to play different roles, or wear different hats in order to get the job done. It is a time of increased communication, when we should reach out to others, especially neighbors, siblings, and the people we see on a daily basis. Make connections and expand your network.

This is a time to be social. Say yes to invitations to gatherings, parties and potlucks. Smile, reach out your hand and meet new people. When you are at your local market, introduce yourself to the clerk you see every time you are there. Make calls to the people that have slipped through the cracks. Go through your list of contacts and see whom you need to reach out to. Catch up on unanswered emails and make sure your online profiles are up to date.

The astrological energy on Sunday is feisty and motivating. We have more physical energy at our disposal. This is a great day to participate in any sort of outdoor sport or physical activity. People are more aggressive and assertive than usual. Be prepared for a fight. If you feel anger welling up within yourself, turn to a good vigorous yoga kriya or extended physical exercise, otherwise this aggressive energy could manifest in a way that is unhealthy or destructive.

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