The Moon is waning this week. She is rising later and later after sunset and each night appearing smaller and smaller in the sky. As a result, we may feel our emotional reserves waning as well. Our fuses seem shorter than usual. It is a time to look inward and tackle more meditative yoga sets as opposed to the more physically challenging ones.

On Monday, the Moon in industrious Capricorn asks us to get to work. Don’t delay. Get started early and put a large number of things on your task list. Stay focused and get it all done. Capricorn is the sign of the mountain goat – heading up the mountain steadily – not taking another step upward until he knows that he’s on solid ground. Let this image be your guide. Trust that you will indeed get to the top of the mountain. Say no to people and engagements that may try to distract you along the way. Your work is efficient and time is well managed.

On Tuesday, there is an early morning void-of-course period that is helpful to be aware of. From 6:30am – 11:39am EST (3:30am – 8:39am PST), the Moon is void-of-course, meaning that she is in that “in between stage”. During this period, it feels as if we have lost our intuition. Our sense of direction is off. It is hard to make decisions and quite frankly, we shouldn’t. It is better to stick to routine tasks. For the rest of the day, let unexpected events take you on a journey that you didn’t plan for or didn’t think was even possible. Be open to universal synchronicity.

Your revolutionary spirit comes out to play on Wednesday. Think outside the box and let your creative, unique self shine more brightly than ever. Furthermore, it is a time to join with like-minded individuals and feel the strength in your union together. Look at projects you can tackle together and the incredible force you have when teamed up for a common purpose.

The tension you feel with others on Thursday is a reflection of the 4th Quarter Moon. This is the time when the Moon is at a 90 degree angle to the Sun, thus forming a stressful angle that is reflected in the friction between the masculine and feminine polarity down here on Earth. Don’t be surprised if squabbles break out between yourself and members of the opposite sex. This is to be expected under the current conditions.

Use the power of mantra to help ease tension on Friday and bring difficult situations back into balance. The album, “Let There Be Peace” by Sirgun Kaur, is a good one to have playing during this time. The song itself “Let There Be Peace” is a gorgeous melody of English words mixed with a background of healing bells. The tracks of “Ajai Alai” (11 minutes and 4 minutes) are great to have on hand for personal meditation practice, to use in a yoga class, or to just have playing around the house while you cook or sweep the floor. Go into ecstasy and create prosperity and a peaceful, loving environment with this uplifting album. 

Saturday is a day to dance, sing, play music and write poetry. Your creative juices will be flowing. Take advantage of this time when our intuition is strong and we feel moved to create and express in artistic ways. Don’t self edit. Just let yourself create. Let your heart sing. Play your favorite music and dance around the house uninhibited. Get everyone on board. Paint together. Write together. Compose music together.

On Sunday morning at 4am EST (1am PST), the Moon goes void-of-course. For the next five and a half hours, we feel as if we are in a fog. It’s a good day to sleep in. Don’t make any big decisions until the Moon enters the next sign at 9:36am EST (6:36am PST). At this point we are charging out of the gate with extra gas in the tank. For the rest of the day, there is a competitive spirit in the air. Use this time to initiate, move forward with creative tasks, and most importantly – engage in physical exercise.

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