Kundalini Horoscope: June 4 - June 10, 2018

The week starts out with two big significant events: The Full Moon in Virgo and Mercury’s change in direction. That’s right, folks. The Mercury retrograde period is over and it is time to pack up and start moving forward again. 

Monday itself is a good day to meditate. This is the day that Mercury “stations”, meaning that it briefly comes to a stop before moving forward again. As a result, our brain comes to a bit of a stop as well, and if we’re conscious of it, we can use this time to really go deep in our meditation. Shut off that monkey mind for a bit and sink into the true experience of “shuniya”. At the same time, however, the Full Moon is at work, turning up our emotions severalfold. We are in a heightened state of sensory awareness, and feeling more sensitive than ever to every single emotion that we feel. Truth is out in the open and reactions to it are stronger than ever. The polarity that we are dealing with here is the axis between fantasy and reality. The big picture and the minute details. Where do you fall on this spectrum and how do you find a balance?

Tuesday is the first full day of Mercury’s direct motion. It is a time to truly start moving forward again with projects, dreams and communication with others. You will notice now that your phone suddenly isn’t as buggy as it has been during the past couple weeks and other electronic and mechanical devices are behaving as they should. You are in the clear to sign contracts, make deals, plans, and get rolling with items that have been on the back burner. In addition, the recent trip down memory lane is over and it is time to take what you have learned and apply it toward the future. Stop backpedaling and move forward. Your mind is clear to do so. 

The Libra Moon on Wednesday is helping us to find balance. Libra wants to be fair. Libra wants justice. This is the time to strike a deal with other people. It is a time to reach a compromise. Find the middle ground and be willing to let go of your hard stance toward things. Work together to find a solution that works for everyone instead of trying to fight against any notion that is put on the table. Lead with a flag of peace instead of insisting that everything be a call to war. Need some inspiration in this arena? Nothing can do it better than mantra. Turn to Snatam’s “Connect and Heal” album in the Meditations for Transformation series. This incredibly powerful pair of chants includes the miracle maker and healer, Guru Ram Das chant along with the “Teree Meher Daa Bolnaa” mantra.

The intensity meter heats up on Thursday thanks to the Moon’s transit through extreme Scorpio. Emotions are rising to the surface and people are lashing out with their stinger. Information that has been hidden is coming up to the surface and stabbing others in the back. Do your best to remain neutral instead of lashing out and further adding to the mayhem of intense emotional soup.

Friday is a good day to bring things to completion. Follow through with projects that you’ve started. Do things with intensity and passion. It’s an all or nothing kind of day. 

Be the lighthouse on Saturday. It is a time to uplift and heal. Share your gifts and knowledge with others. Raise people’s awareness about a subject that you are informed on. Help to elevate the vibration around you by your very presence. This is a time for healing and for taking the high road. 

Sunday is a good time for travel. Get out of your comfort zone and see something new. You won’t be satisfied unless you go on some kind of adventure. Be brave and explore. Foreign people, places and cuisine are all favored. Romance is in the air if you let down your guard and allow it to happen. Stop putting up resistance to what your heart is craving the most.

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