horoscopeThe Spirit Voyage Kundalini Horoscope for March 6-12, 2017:

The Moon is waxing! Our energy is waxing! With each passing day you may find yourself staying up later and later. The Moon is keeping us up, and keeping our dream state active, as she stays out later and later in the sky with each passing night. It is a good week to tackle yoga kriyas that require a greater physical effort. Our reserves are strong and we grow more and more fearless with each passing day.


from vegetables with loveMonday is a Moon day – made even loonier by the fact that the Moon is in her home sign of Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon. The result? People will be moody – more sensitive and more easily hurt than usual. A cookie will do the trick. How about a nice home cooked meal for your family tonight. If you are looking for inspiration on what to cook – something different, healthy, nutritious and satisfying, check out Siri Ved Kaur’s latest edition of, “From Vegetables With Love.” Siri Ved Kaur was Yogi Bhajan’s personal chef for a number of years, and shares her intimate moments and knowledge of cooking, foods and nutrition directly from the master. If you are a foodie, love to cook, and want some healthy ideas to have around the kitchen, this book is the one for you.


Tuesday is a day to embrace the Mother. Honor your own mother. Give her a call. Write her a nice note. If she is no longer with us on the physical plane, connect with her through prayer and meditation. Send her a message. Be open to receiving an answer. If you are a mother – or a parent – yourself, reflect on the importance of that role and honor yourself for the incredible challenge, and gift, that you have taken on.


Our emotions continue to be sensitive right up through Wednesday morning, so be advised. Let tenderness and understanding be your guide – especially during the early hours of the day. At 10am EST (7am PST), the Moon goes void-of-course and for the next couple hours we have lost our sense of direction. CAn you call in late to work today? Nothing is likely to get accomplished during this time. It is only after 11:45am EST (8:45am PST) when the Moon gets back on track and we have our intuition back with us once again. For the rest of the day, you are in the clear.


On Thursday the key is to have fun and be yourself. Let your childlike humor shine through. Have a good time with the people around you. It is a time for romance. It is a time to let your innocence reign. Express yourself through creative means. Theater, dance, songs and merriment are all favored. Just have a good time. Let your hair down and enjoy. Take your loved one out on a special romantic date. Shower him or her with compliments and flattery. Smile often and give the biggest hugs ever.


The emotional thermometer continues to heat up as we get closer to the Full Moon. Things can get tense in the morning on Friday when egos flare and everyone wants to be the boss. You may find yourself in situations where there are too many chefs and not enough cooks. Be extra cautious after 12:06pm EST (9:06am PST) when the Moon goes void-of-course. For the next five hours, the Moon is in her “in between” stage and as a result, we have lost our sense of direction. Our intuition is off. It is not a good time to make major plans or decisions.


Saturday is a good time to get grounded and organized. Clean your desk, your room, your closets. Take care of the details, take care of the bills on your desk. Be methodical and analytical.


Sunday marks the big climax of emotional energy that has been building all week. The Moon rises at sunset in the sign of Virgo, exactly opposite the Sun in Pisces. The Moon is full and she is telling us to get real. The polarity between fantasy and reality is being highlighted. It is okay to dream but make sure you have at least one foot on the ground.

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