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The Moon is waxing. She is growing bigger and bigger each day and staying up later and later each night. We may find ourselves restless and unable to sleep at night. Our dream states may become more active, especially toward the end of the week as the Moon reaches fullness. This week is a good time to tackle more active, challenging yoga sets. Choose ones that are more physically demanding. Put your body to the test. You have more strength now than you may realize. In addition, our emotional reserves are growing as well. Work on the goals that you set for yourself during the time of the last New Moon. Grow your dream as the Moon grows each night.

Also remember that Mercury is still retrograde. Avoid signing any contracts or buying anything with mechanical or electrical parts. Communication is off this week as well. On the plus side, it’s a good time to get back any money that is owed to you or items that you lent out. It is a good time to reflect, review and rewind. Go through old journals. Get re-inspired on a project that is important to you. Tie up loose ends of relationships that are still dangling.

The week starts off on a boisterous note. Enjoy the festive, childlike energy in the air on Monday. The Leo Moon is asking us to have fun – regardless of what we are up to. Anything can be made fun today. Put on some special, uplifting music. If you are looking for something especially jazzy and soulful, yet with a spiritual slant, check out Krishna Kaur’s beautiful album, Longing. Mixing original lyrics with mantra and masterful instrumentation, Krishna Kaur brings it home with this passionate album.

Check yourself on Tuesday. Are you being too bossy or dramatic? Is your ego getting in the way of the situation at home or at work. Perhaps you want people to notice you, and so you are putting on an act that isn’t quite of true authenticity. Do some self-reflection – and maybe some ego-eradicator as well!

The Moon is void-of-course on Wednesday, suggesting that it’s a good day to sleep in and go to work late. We have lost our sense of direction and intuition this morning. At 10:30am EST (7:30am PST), however, the Moon is back on track and so are we. We are in the clear for the remainder of the day.

On Thursday, the key is to get grounded and be flexible. Take care of the details, and most importantly – take care of yourself! There is a tendency to be critical of yourself and others on this day. Resist the trap of the 3 C’s (criticize, complain and compare). Instead, be good to yourself, eat well, take a walk and feel the Earth beneath your feet.

Friday is another day to sleep in. There is a long void-of-course period this morning that suggests that you shouldn’t make any major decisions before 2pm EST (11am PST). During this time, just stick to routine tasks. In the afternoon and evening, however, you are good to go. We have our intuition back once again. Friday night is a good night for romance. Put on your best outfit and take care of your overall appearance. Love is in the air. Plan a special evening with the one you love.

The Full Moon is exact on Saturday, setting a tone of great passion for the day – and the entire weekend. The polarity being accented now is between the Sun in quarrelsome, aggressive Aries and the Moon in peace-loving Libra. Aries is in it for the self. Libra wants partnership. Aries instigates war. Libra wants justice and equality. These issues are all front-and-center at this sensitive time.

There is a long void-of-course period on Sunday that is good to note. From 2:30pm – 7pm EST (11:30am – 4pm PST), the Moon is out-to-lunch, and so is our intuition and sense of direction. Make no major plans or decisions during this time. This Sunday is a great day to take an official day of rest. In the evening, our emotions are heightened. People are more sensitive than usual. Be gentle with others.




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