For the first three days of the week, Mercury is still retrograde, meaning that its apparent motion is backward in the sky. As a result, it feels as if our minds are moving backward as well. We keep losing car keys, misplacing phones, and communication with others is fouled up and confused. This is a time to re-view and re-work. Avoid signing any contracts or buying anything with electrical or mechanical parts. Get back money that is owed to you and pay back any loans that you have.


On Monday, the Sagittarius Moon encourages us to be adventurous. Take a risk – especially in the arena of love. The Sun and Moon are at harmonious angles with each other today, suggesting good relations between the masculine and feminine polarities. People are in good spirits today and it is a time when you can deepen friendships and explore intimate relationships. People are more likely to take a chance. Be bold, assertive and optimistic. A fun-loving approach is best.


Remember that the Sun is in Aries now, the first sign of the zodiac. Aries is bold, creative and pioneering. It can also be aggressive, quarrelsome and selfish. This energy is enhanced on Tuesday, since Tuesday is the “Mars” day, the planet associated with the sign of Aries. With the Moon still transiting Sagittarius, a fellow fire sign, the feeling is upbeat and assertive. People are adventurous and motivated.


The Moon moves into grounded Capricorn on Wednesday, putting a very different feeling into the air. Suddenly we may become more conservative or reserved. Whereas during the last couple days we may have taken a step or two forward, today we might take a step back. Be conscious of your time and what needs to get done. This is a day to be productive and efficient. Toward the end of the day, the Moon comes into a difficult angle with the Sun, suggesting tension may erupt between the masculine and feminine polarities. One side wants to charge forward while the other is more reserved and wants to hold back. Neither is right, neither is wrong. Just two different feelings or viewpoints feeling a clash with each other.


The big news on Thursday is that Mercury turns direct. This is the day that the planet stations (stands still) for a moment before resuming apparent forward motion. As a result, this is a wonderful day to meditate! With Mercury, the planet of the mind, standing still, we have a better chance of actually suspending our own minds for a moment in a place of complete stillness. If you are looking for some musical support in this arena, or looking for a good mantra to connect with at this time, consider Nirinjan Kaur’s single, “Breathe – Pavan Guru Meditation Remix”. This juicy track is just over 11 minutes long, giving you an experience to really sink into as you connect with the mantra and the breath. Let the breath come to stillness as your mind comes to stillness on this day of Mercury’s station.


Friday is a good day to get things done. Now that Mercury is moving forward again, it is safe to sign contracts and purchase things with electrical and mechanical parts. Travel is back on track and our minds are clear with forward-thinking. Clear up any misunderstandings from the past couple weeks, get grounded and be practical.


Unexpected events dot the radar on Saturday. Be open to whatever comes your way. People may come out of the blue and surprise you. Let the energy of the day take you where it wants to. You will end up in a situation much more fortuitous than anything you could’ve planned on.


Join together with people of like-minds on Sunday. Let your unique personality shine through as you contribute your gifts to the group. This is a day to make something happen, with a little help from your friends. Ask what you can do to contribute to the benefit of the whole. How can you serve? Be social and make connections. Even if you are connecting over the Internet in some ways – this counts! Inspire others and look for ways to uplift and expand. Spread your wings and fly.

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