horoscope-featured-3The Spirit Voyage Kundalini Horoscope for March 20-26, 2017:

Monday is a red letter day. It is officially the Spring Equinox – a day of perfect balance on the Earth. There is an equal amount of daylight and darkness, as we are halfway between the Summer and Winter Solstices. For those living in the Northern Hemisphere, the days will now be longer than the nights for the next six months. It’s a time to reach out, be expressive and more “out there” in the world. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, this is a time to go deep. For the next six months, there is more darkness than light, encouraging a time to direct your energy inward as opposed to outward.

Monday is also the day of the Sun’s entrance into Aries. The astrological year begins. Happy International Astrology Day! The new calendar has begun. The Sun is at the start of the zodiac. We are at the beginning of the cycle. New seeds are sprouting from the ground – a time of new beginnings.

For the next four weeks, as the Sun transits the cardinal fire sign Aries, we are asked to be bold. Embrace your pioneering spirit and take a chance. Aries is the warrior, not afraid to stand up and fight, to go for it. Raise your sword (your pen!) and take a stance. It is a time to move forward with confidence.

Tuesday is a day to get to work. The Capricorn Moon is having a showdown with the Aries Sun, reminding us that it is also a good idea to have a plan! Capricorn is a goal-orientated energy, encouraging us to reach for the top of the mountain because yes, we will get there, one step at a time.

Direction is off on Wednesday for most of the day thanks to the Moon who goes void-of-course at 9:20am EST (6:20am PST). After this time, you may find it difficult to make decisions or connect with other people in the workplace. Your aim is off. You are unsure of how to proceed. This is to be expected. The best thing now is to make no major decisions or plans. Our intuition is off. It isn’t until 10:28pm EST (7:28pm PST) that we have our wits about us once again.

Thursday may feel like an odd day, as nothing seems to go as planned. Enjoy the element of the unexpected because that’s what you have to look forward to today. Throw your agenda out the window and let the day take you where it wants to take you. There is nothing for you to do except go with the flow.

Friday is a good day to connect with others, a time to join together with like-minded individuals either in-person or virtually. Connect with your community and be inspired by other radical thinkers like yourself. Go ahead and let your rebellious individual nature shine through. The universe is asking you to push the boundaries. See how far you can go with the help and support of others.

The Moon enters sweet sensitive Pisces on Saturday morning. You may notice a feeling of nostalgia in the air. There is also a feeling of compassion. People are more sensitive, more easily hurt. This is a good day to practice your listening skills. It’s also a good day to get back to basics. Review the founding principles of your spiritual practice. Maybe you are still looking to find a practice that resonates with you. If this is the case, check out Introduction to Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Volumes 1 and 2, by Guru Rattana. Be inspired, uplifted, and instructed in this easy-to-read, easy-to-follow manual on Kundalini Yoga.

Sunday is truly a day for rest and relaxation. There is no reason to tax yourself on a day like today. Take it easy and enjoy your surroundings. Enjoy the people around you. Let your creative juices flow. Artistic pursuits, music and dance are all favored. Express yourself without words. Say what you have to say through drawings, song, and movement. Encourage others to join in. Let wisdom come through and take form in a truly artistic and creative process.


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