This is the final week of Mercury in retrograde for this period. Use this last opportunity to collect on money that is owed to you, and pay back any loans that you have withstanding. Continue rehashing the past and tying up any loose ends that still linger. This is a time to reflect and review so that you can clear the air and move forward with greater ease and clarity once Mercury turns direct. Remember also that during this entire week you should avoid signing contracts or making any big plans. Travel is interrupted and mechanical and electrical devices are not working as they should.

The week begins on a tense note. The Moon is at half mast. She rises at noon and sets at midnight. On Monday she is exactly square with the Sun, suggesting friction between the masculine and feminine polarities. All day you may notice tension between people of the opposite sex. Minds are going in all directions, as are emotions. People are reactive, unstable and easily swayed. When you try connecting with others you may feel as if you are dancing with a partner with two left feet.

To some degree, the same may be true for Tuesday. There is the added component of Tuesday being the day of Mars, the planet of war and weapons. As a result you may feel an added aggression to the day. Do your best to take it easy and go with the flow. Concentrate on yourself and your own needs instead of getting caught up in the gossip that is whirling all around you. 

A very different energy enters the fold on Wednesday. With the Moon in sensitive, nurturing Cancer, attention turns toward the mother, comfort and the home. Stay in a cook a delicious meal for your family. On Wednesday night, the Moon becomes trine with the Sun, suggesting a much favorable connection between the two luminaries. This is the time to make up with those you may have been in contention with during the last couple days. Everyone feels more sensitive and easily hurt than usual. Let yourself be vulnerable and express how you feel without playing the blame game.

This feeling of extreme sensitivity continues on Thursday. Take advantage of the water element to soothe and nurture. Connect with a nearby body of water. Enjoy a long bath with essential oils. Consider some mantra that helps to cultivate the healing energy of the water tattva. Consider the album, “Agua de Luna” by Mirabai Ceiba. With songs like “El Rio” and the title track, “Agua de Luna” brought to life by masterful instrumentations and angelic vocals, you will be automatically dropped into that space of healing and renewal through the water element. 

Friday is a time to let loose and let your hair down. Show off your most attention-getting clothing and connect with your inner child. The Leo Moon is shining loud and proud and she wants you to have fun. This is a good night to go out and connect with others in a festive atmosphere. If you are single and looking for romance, tonight is a good night to find someone new. The Moon’s energy is growing. Be daring. Fun connections are made.

Connect with children on Saturday. Have fun with your own offspring or enjoy the company of someone else’s. This is a time to connect with your own inner child and simply have a good time. Play. The Moon is almost full. Take note of your dream state tonight and for the next couple nights. Messages are coming to you while you sleep. Be conscious of what your subconscious is trying to tell you. 

Daylight savings begins at 2:00am on Sunday. If you are in a place that honors this phenomenon, remember to turn your clocks ahead by 1 hour. Remember also that Mercury is retrograde so this change in time could be the source of much confusion for some on Sunday. Regardless of that, Sunday is a good day to clean and get organized. Tidy up your home and workspace and clean out those kitchen cupboards and shelves. It will feel good to start the week with a fresh, clean environment.

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