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This is a big week in the astrological world! Many significant changes are abound. Energy is shifting. A new astrological year is upon us. In the background of it all, the Moon is waxing. She is growing larger each day and staying up later each night. As a result, this is a time when we feel our emotional energy reserves growing. It is a time to tackle more physically challenging yoga sets. Move forward with goals that we set for ourselves at the time of the New Moon last week.

There is a fast out-of-the-gate feeling on Monday morning as the Aries Moon urges us to hurry up. Get going, get the ball rolling. There is a competitive edge to the morning that has us all wanting to be first – first in line, first across the bridge, first to finish the job. At 3:30pm EST (12:30 pm PST) however, we need to slow down and take a step back. The Moon has gone void-of-course and we have temporarily lost our sense of direction and intuition, not to return until 9pm EST (6pm PST) this evening.

The big new on Tuesday is the Sun’s entrance into Aries. This marks the start of the zodiac calendar, bringing with it a fresh new breath of hope and inspiration. It is also the day of the Spring Equinox! It is a day of complete balance on the Earth. There is an equal amount of daylight and darkness. For those in the Northern Hemisphere, there will now be more lightness in the day than darkness. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, there will now be more darkness than light.

For approximately the next month, the Sun’s transit through the sign of Aries sets a certain tone or background energy to all of our lives. There is a fiery urgency in the air. We are asked to get moving on projects that are important to us. It is a time to tune into our physical body and begin a new exercise routine. Anger may rise to the surface. Movement, exercise, & Kundalini Yoga are all excellent practices to engage in at this time.

There is a significant void-of-course period of the day on Wednesday, suggesting that you should stick only to routine tasks for most of the afternoon and evening. At 1:21pm EST (10:21am PST), the Moon enters this uncertain state where we feel like we have lost our sense of direction and intuition. It isn’t until 10:30pm PST that she comes back “online” again. For those in the East Coast it isn’t until the next day.

Thursday is an especially notable since is the day that Mercury goes retrograde. This is a phenomenon that happens about three times a year, each time for about three weeks. Mercury retrograde is a period where it appears that Mercury is moving backward in its orbit. As a result, all things ruled by Mercury tend to feel as if they are moving backward, as well. Communication is muddled, confused and interrupted. Travel plans are delayed or blocked. Things with electrical or mechanical parts tend to break down. From this date until April 15th, it is not a good time to sign any contracts or make any major deals. Don’t buy anything with mechanical or electrical parts.

Connect with siblings and neighbors on Friday. It is a day to socialize and take it easy. Go with the the flow. Enjoy and take things in stride. Put on some good music! An uplifting album is always good to have by your side. If you are looking for something new to add to your collection, consider Harnam Singh’s album, All Roads. “Experience the wide-open heart space of this soulful musical journey. All Roads features sacred chants and inspirational songs in a  sweet blend of meditative and melodic grooves.” These tracks are a pick-me-up on all levels of mind, body and soul.

Tension can creep in this weekend, thanks to people’s heightened sensitivity and the fact that the Moon is at a 90 degree angle to the Sun. Relations between the male and female polarity are not so hot, and to complicate things more, remember that Mercury is retrograde!





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