This is the last full week of Mercury’s retrograde motion. Hang in there! (It goes direct on Thursday, March 27th). Use the remaining time to collect on debts that are owed to you and return things that you borrowed. Go through old pictures, journals and clothes. Sort out what is no longer needed. Re-configure, review and re-evaluate.


As the week begins, the Moon is waxing to almost complete fullness. The emotional energy is high. People are more charged up than usual and it may be hard to sleep soundly through the night. Dream states are more active. Pay attention to the messages that come to you when you sleep.


On Monday, the Moon is void-of-course for a big portion of the day. From 11:19am – 9:41pm EST (8:19am – 6:41 PST), the Moon is “in between” signs, thus suggesting that our intuition is out-to-lunch. We have lost our sense of direction. During this period we should avoid making any big plans or decisions. It is better to stick to routine tasks.


On Tuesday, the energy is strong in the grounded Earth sign, Virgo. This is a good day to organize and get things done. Be practical. Take care of the details. Just watch that you don’t get too critical of yourself or others.


The big “red letter” day of the week is Wednesday. This is the day of the emotional climax that we have been building up to for the past two weeks as the Moon has been waxing. Now she has reached her point of exact fullness. She is exactly opposite the Sun in Pisces, suggesting that we examine the polarity between the details and the big picture. Have you been focusing so much on the tiny things that you forgot to appreciate the whole? Maybe you are so out-in-the clouds with your daydreams that you have lost touch with how to manifest things on the Earth. Perhaps your desire to escape has set you on a path of self-destruction. Get back to the pragmatic examination of your habits and the need for daily self-care and a good diet.


Wednesday is also the day of the Spring Equinox. This is a day of perfect balance on the Earth – equal amounts of daylight and darkness. We are exactly halfway between the Winter and Summer solstices. For those in the Northern Hemisphere there will now be more hours of daylight than night, and for those in the Southern Hemisphere, the reverse is true.


Wednesday also marks the start of a new astrological calendar. Happy International Astrology Day! This is the day that the Sun leaves Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, and enters Aries, the first sign. We have completed the astrological cycle and it’s now time to start fresh. For the next four weeks, the Sun in Aries encourages us to be bold and adventurous. Bring out the warrior within and fight for what is important to you. Charge forward into the unknown even though you may not be exactly sure where it is going to take you. Take what you have learned from this last cycle of the Sun and start fresh. What seeds to you want to plant now so that you may harvest great bounty later on down the road?


Be nice on Thursday. Mind your manners. Work together with others. This is a good night for romance. The Moon is in Libra – the sign of Peace. Need some inspiration of this nature? Look no further than Sirgun Kaur’s album, “Let There Be Peace.”

From 2:10pm – 10:16pm EST (11:10am – 7:16pm PST) on Friday, the Moon is void-of-course. Remember that we will all feel off during this period. Make no major decisions at this time.


Over the weekend, the Moon transiting intense Scorpio puts everyone on edge. The tide of feelings is running high. Secrets come out of hiding. Explosions of emotions are possible. Follow through on tasks that require extra grit. Get down to the core of the issues and do things with passion. Have difficult talks about taboo issues before the weekend comes to an end. Clear things up regardless of how scary it may be to do so.

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