The Moon is waning this week. She is growing smaller in the sky and rising later and later every night. As a result, we may feel our emotional reserves waning this week as well. We seem to be operating with a shorter and shorter fuse. Furthermore, it feels as if we are getting more and more overwhelmed by even the smallest situations. Remember also that Mercury is now direct. This is a good time to clear up any misunderstandings that happened while Mercury was retrograde. You have the green light now to move forward on projects that are important to you. 

On Monday, the Moon is at half-mast. She rises at midnight and sets at noon. She is making a difficult angle to the Sun, suggesting that there may be friction between the masculine and feminine polarity. Both sides seem wishy-washy. One is out in the clouds, the other may be trying to elevate the situation, but without much success. There is a great level of denial going on. One side may be seeking the truth while the other side may be out in fantasyland. At the same time, there is a morning lunar void-of-course period that lasts until mid-day (or earlier, depending on time zone). When we wake up on Monday morning, it feels as if we are in a fog. Direction is unclear. It is difficult to make decisions. This is not a good time to hold any strategy meetings at work. Best to wait until after the Moon enters the next sign (12:25pm EST, 9:25am PST). At this point, you are in the clear and intuition is back on track. 

Tuesday is St. Patrick’s Day. Although usually a very celebratory time, the astrology energy actually calls on us to be reserved and cautious. We are more dutiful and work-orientated as opposed to being in a party state of mind. During the day, much can be accomplished thanks to the sobering energy of the Capricorn Moon. It is a time when you can be extremely efficient and productive. Take advantage of the task-oriented influence of this grounded Earth sign.

Feel free to start new projects on Wednesday. Do some calculations. Make a timeline and a budget. It is a time to work and be productive. Get things underway that have been on the back burner. Be conservative and cautious in your approach. Trust, however, that you will indeed reach the goals that you are striving for. 

Thursday is a red letter day. Not only is it the Spring Equinox, but also International Astrology Day and the day that the Sun moves into Aries. For the next four weeks, the background music will be that of the ram. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. He is the pioneer. He is the one charging forward without necessarily having a map in hand. We have completed another zodiac cycle and now is the time to be reborn. For those in the Northern Hemisphere, the days will now be longer than the nights; the opposite being true for those in the Southern Hemisphere. For this one day, however, the Earth is in perfect balance. There is an equal amount of light and dark all around. 

There are unexpected events on Friday. Be prepared for some surprises. Speaking of surprises, it is a good night to surprise the one you love with a thoughtful gift. Consider the gift of mantra. The beautiful album, “Love Abounds” by Brenda McMorrow pretty much says it all. This collection of mantras combines healing vibrations from several different spiritual paths. Tracks like “Sita Ram” and “Namah Shivaya” do not disappoint!

There is a dreamy feeling in the air on Saturday thanks to the Moon’s entrance into Pisces. This is  a good day for activities like dance, music, writing and song. Take a moment to write a poem or journal about recent events. Find a way to express the myriad of emotions that you are feeling inside.

Relax on Sunday. Take a break from the “real world” and whatever issues may be buzzing around in the media. Connect with friends and uplift each other through song and prayer. This is a time to come together.

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