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The Moon is waning this week. She is in her final stage before retreating into newness. This is a week to look inward. Choose meditative, relaxing yoga kriyas as opposed to the more physically challenging ones. Remember that the Sun is in creative Pisces, also nearing the end of it’s cycle before starting over in the start of a new zodiac year. This is a time to dream, write, compose, play music and dance. We are feeling emotional. Express those powerful emotions through artistic means. Be on the lookout for usual demons, however, who can also come creeping in during this time. In our efforts to escape reality, we may turn toward unhealthy and self-defeating activities such as indulging too heavily in food, alcohol or drugs.

The week starts out with a desire to get moving. Get things going. Get the work done. Set your plan into motion early, however, because at 11:36am EST (8:36am PST), the Moon goes void-of-course and we lose our sense of direction and intuition. For the next 7 hours or so, it is best to stick to routine tasks. Make no major plans or decisions. At 6:44pm EST (3:44pm PST), the Moon is back on track and so are we.

Unexpected people and events may pop up on the radar on Tuesday. People come out of the woodwork. Let yourself go along for the ride. Let the day take you where it wants to take you. Meanwhile, it is good if you connect with other people of like-minds. Join hands with your allies. Look toward a common goal. Follow through on ideas that come to you out of the blue.

There is a revolutionary feel to the day on Wednesday. Let the rebel within come out and play. Stick to your guns on matters that are important to you. Let your unique, individual nature shine through. Let yourself be heard.

The Moon slips into compassionate, sensitive Pisces on Thursday morning, thus joining with the Sun and Neptune in this mutable water sign. Let go and let God! Move with the flow of the universe. Pisces wants to merge with the divine. One good way to get there: chant the name of God. If you are looking for a good set of mantras to start you off and take you into that space of pure divinity, check out Thomas Barquee’s album, Kundalini: Rise of the Soul. Seven powerful seed mantras create that space of healing and oneness that you may be looking for during this time.

The Moon continues its transit of Pisces into Friday, suggesting a time when we are all a little more vulnerable than usual. Go easy on others. Be sensitive to their needs. Be a good listener. If you are looking for romance, tonight is a good time for it to manifest. Set the stage with candles, incense and soothing music. Flowers are always a nice touch.

The New Moon is exact on Saturday morning, suggesting that we use this day to go deep and tune in to our most sacred and precious soul. What are our true dreams and desires? What do we want to manifest in this lifetime? What do we need to let go of in order to make that happen? The New Moon is a time of new beginnings. It is a time to let go of the things that no longer serve us. If you are looking to start a new 40-day practice or meditation, this is a good day to begin. Let this new cycle of your life grow with the new cycle of the Moon. “Resonate with the cosmos and the cosmos shall clear the path!”

On Sunday, the Moon finds herself in fiesty Aries, and as a result, we find ourselves feeling a little extra feisty as well. This feeling may grow into complete anger if we don’t take care to keep it in check. Exercise is the perfect remedy to whatever you might be feeling today. Take a walk in nature. Breathe the fresh air. Move your body. You have more physical energy at your disposal than usual. Take advantage of this time. Otherwise, this pent-up energy may backfire.




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