The Moon is waxing. She is getting bigger in the sky and staying up later every night. As a result, our emotional reserves are getting stronger as the week goes on. It is a time to grow the dreams that we began at the time of the New Moon last Wednesday. At the same time, however, remember that Mercury is retrograde. Have you noticed communication mishaps and misunderstandings lately? More of that is in store for this week as well. Allow extra time to get where you are going because travel delays are likely. Make sure you have a pair of jumper cables in your car – either for you or someone else. Back up the data on your computer and make sure your phone is backed up as well. This is a time for computer crashes, lost car keys and bad directions.


Our minds don’t seem to be working very well at this time. That’s because the planet Mercury appears to be moving backward in the sky. As a result, our minds seem to be moving backward as well. This is a time to review and reflect. It is a time to go back over the past instead of thinking so much about the future. Pay back money that you owe and collect on debts that are owed to you. Go back over old journals and pictures. Get re-inspired.


On Monday, the Moon is happy in solid, sensual Taurus. Indulge the five senses and enjoy the company of those around you. This is a day to eat well and relax. Dance and enjoy good music. If you happen to be looking for some new inspiration in this department, consider the all-star cast album, “Reunion – Peace Family” featuring the talents of Snatam Kaur, Livtar Singh and GuruGanesha Singh. Tracks like “Light of Peace” and “Star in My Sky” will uplift the spirit and get the toes tapping.

Tuesday morning might be rough in the beginning. If you wake up in a fog, don’t worry. This is to be expected. There is nothing wrong with you or the person you are waking up next to. The problem is that the Moon is void-of-course, leaving us without a clear sense of direction or intuition. Don’t rush into work to make any big decisions. In fact, you are better off sleeping in. It isn’t until 11:48am EST (8:48am PST) that the Moon gets back on track and we feel our brains coming back “online.”


Wednesday is buzzing with information. Wednesday is the day of Mercury, and the Moon is in Gemini – the sign of Mercury. Thus, it is a very “mercurial” day. Everyone’s heads are going in a million different directions – and remember that most of these directions will be backward as a result of Mercury being retrograde. A lot of the information that comes down the pike may actually be misinformation, so be careful. Don’t take everything at face value. Don’t assume all information to be correct. Take everything with a grain of salt.


Trouble erupts on Thursday thanks to the fact that the Moon has reached the start of her 2nd Quarter phase. She is at half-mast, that is, halfway between New and Full. She is at odds with the Sun, suggesting friction between the masculine and feminine polarities. Males and females are at odds with each other day and it may be tough for the two to dance without stepping on each other’s toes. One side is all up in the head, while the other is all about feelings. Logic and emotions are clashing. Do your best to be patient with each other.


Everyone is extra sensitive on Friday. The Moon in Cancer asks you to stay home tonight instead of going out on the town.


There is a long void-of-course period on Saturday that you need to watch out for. From 2pm-9pm EST (11am-6pm PST), the Moon is off-duty and as a result, our intuition is out to lunch.


Sunday’s Moon in Leo calls for a happy disposition all around. Enjoy good times with friends. Wear something extra special, get out on the dance floor and boogie down. Be a kid again. Express yourself creatively. Most importantly, have fun.

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