Kundalini Horoscope June 25 - July 1

The energy is building as the week begins. The Moon is almost full and she is drawing out the truth in everybody. Situations are being illuminated. Meanwhile, you may find that your dream state is quite active, especially toward mid-week when the Moon is at her fullest. Use Monday’s lofty energy to take the high road in situations when ego flares and tension heats up. Make each situation a learning one. It is important that you set an example for others. Set the tone. Be your best. Be graceful and uplifting in every moment. Take the high road. Make others laugh.

The Moon goes void-of-course on Tuesday morning, putting a pretty big monkey wrench in the entire day. From 9am EST (6am PST) onward, we feel as if we have lost our sense of direction. Our intuition is out to lunch. This is not a day to make any major plans or decisions. Instead, just the opposite. Stick to routine tasks. Relax. Enjoy. Do some yoga and meditate. Looking for a new set of uplifting tracks to add to your collection? Mirabai Ceiba’s album, “Cycle of Life” is the perfect choice. With two juicey tracks just over 31 minutes long, you can use these mantras (Kirtan Kriya and Ra Ma Da Sa) in your own practice or in a yoga class. Go deep. Go inward. Then totally relax. The last track, a 6 minute “Savasana” helps you do exactly that.

The Full Moon is exact on Wednesday night, the climactic point of the week. This is when the lunar energy peaks, bringing heavy emotions to the surface. It will be hard to hide what you’re feeling today. The truth is out in the open. People are more vulnerable than usual, but also more bold. Watch out on the roads today and tomorrow. People may be more daring behind the wheel. Also take note of your dream state. Messages from the unconscious mind are coming through while you sleep. Someone is trying to tell you something. It may be hard to sleep on Wednesday night. While the Moon is up all night, we find ourselves wanting to be up all night as well. It is hard to put our brains to rest even as we sleep.

Thursday is a time to get to work. Take care of tasks that need to be done. Get things started. Get the ball rolling. Say ‘no’ to people and extra commitments. Stay on task. Set your goals and you will reach them. Stay focused and mindful.

The Moon is void-of-course pretty much all day on Friday. This is a good day to take off from work. Our direction is unclear. We are not nearly as focused as we were yesterday. Everyone feels weird. We feel off. Decisions made today are likely to be misguided and misaligned. You are better off not making any big decisions at all. This is not a time to hold strategy meetings or make any big plans. Stick to routine tasks. Read a book. Watch a movie. Zone out.

There is an electric feeling in the air on Saturday – as if anything could happen at any second. Indeed, be prepared for the unexpected. A spur of the moment decision could take you in an exciting new direction. Be open to spontaneity. A wonderful surprise awaits if you are willing to step out of the ‘norm’ and go in a direction that wasn’t planned.

Join with people of like-minds on Sunday. This is a time to gather with those who share a similar spiritual path or political alignment. Support each other, have a meal together, set goals together. Make a plan. Ask how you can serve together. You have the power to make a great impact when you join hands and organize in a way that serves the greater good. This is a time to open up to humanitarian ideas. Take a conscious step toward being a leader through service. Share your wisdom. Share your ideas. Connect with the support of the community around you. There is much to be one. Keep in mind that the moon goes void-of-course at 7pm EST (4pm PST) and after that time, all bets are off!

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