The Moon is waning. She is rising in the middle of the night, staying up for half the next day, and each time appearing smaller and smaller in the sky. By the time the week draws to a close, she’ll be rising early in the morning before dawn and then getting so close to the Sun that we may not even see her at all. As a result, it may feel as if your emotional reserves are waning this week. It is a time to focus your attention inward and be more introspective. Meditative yoga sets are prefered to the more physically challenging ones.

On Monday, the Moon in sensitive, dreamy Pisces makes us feel as if we are in the clouds. It may be hard to connect with reality. Don’t fight it. Give your imagination free rein. This is a good day for creative tasks and for thinking outside of the box. All artistic projects are favored. In addition, it is a good time to merge with the One! Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and the one closest to merger with totality. Help this feeling along with mantra sung from the heart. In doing so, look no further than Simirt’s “Live” album from the Spring of 2017. Feel yourself right there in the action with the live instrumentation and vocals pure and true. Tracks like “Prithvi Hai” and “Pavan Guru” send the spirit soaring and truly puts the mind at ease.

Tension erupts between the masculine and feminine polarities on Tuesday thanks to the fact that the Moon is at half-mast. She is halfway between Full and New, thus forming an exact square between the two luminaries (Sun and the Moon). As a result, we feel the tension down here on Earth. Mars the warrior is manifesting all over the place while the Cancer Sun makes us more sensitive to these harsh blows. People are likely to get defensive and shoot back with aggressive activity, thus escalating the situation instead of soothing it. Be conscious of your actions.

The Moon is in Aries on Wednesday, and as a result, more of this aggressive behavior is abound. Looking for a way to get it out? Head to the gym. Go for a long walk in nature. Go for a swim and cool off. Balance the fire energy with the water element. This is a good day to get projects started and get things going. We are feeling courageous today so if there is something you need to do that requires bravery, this is the day to do it.

The overall tone is much slower and more grounded on Thursday. WIth the Moon slipping into the comfortable sign of Taurus at 9:30am EST (6:30am PST), we have ourselves a nice, patient background of energy to work with. This is a time to take advantage of the resources you have instead of fighting to obtain more. Furthermore it is a time to enjoy and indulge. Slow down, relax and light candles at the dinner table. Put on relaxing music and take a moment to recover from the bustling energy of the last few days.

Friday is a wonderful day for romance. Friday night is good as well! Plan a romantic date for you and a loved one during this time. There is much to celebrate. Enjoy a picnic, a fancy night out or a cozy dinner of homemade fare at home. Little touches go a long way. Bring fresh flowers to the person of your affection. 

Saturday’s energy starts out slow and relaxed but then picks up towards the afternoon hours. It is a good day to enjoy breakfast in bed. Take the time to appreciate the comforts of your own home. In the evening, be social. Lively conversation is favored. Keep it light yet speak from the heart. Elevate others with your words. What better reason do we have to speak?

The mood is festive on Sunday. Join in the company of others. Travel is also favored. Even a small road trip not far from home is rewarding. Open up to others and enjoy the company of people you’ve never met before. Make a new friend.

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