The Moon is waxing this week – the energy is growing. You may feel a crescendo of emotional power as the week progresses. In addition, the Summer Solstice is exact this week – marking the time of the longest day of the year for those in the Northern Hemisphere, and the longest night of the year for those in the Southern Hemisphere. For the next six months, the days will start getting shorter for those in the Northern Hemisphere while the days will be getting longer for those in the Southern Hemisphere. Energetically it is a peak turning point of the year – a time to evaluate ourselves, where we have come, what we have accomplished and now ask ourselves where we are going.

When the week begins, we are under the influence of the Virgo Moon, asking us to pay attention to details and get organized. Ground yourself, clean your desk, and you will be much more productive than usual. Keep a steady pace at work and don’t get too critical of yourself or others. Your mind is in high-gear analytical mode. Just don’t let it get carried away. It is possible that it might start thinking things that you shouldn’t necessarily believe!

The same is true on Tuesday as the transit of the Moon through meticulous Virgo continues. If you can’t seem to quiet the brain from unhealthy negative self-talk, you may want to consider mantra to help you put it to sleep. The beautiful mantra  “Hey Gobind Hey Gopal” by Simrit Kaur is perfect for such a thing. Let the soothing tones of her entire album, The Sweetest Nectar, with its healing, ancient mantras put your brain in order as you’re driving down the street or working around the house. Infuse your meal while chanting along as you make your dinner tonight.

On Wednesday, the Moon is square to the Sun, suggesting a period of tension between the two luminaries. This is a time when energy between the masculine and feminine energies are off. Both are in their heads – too much – and the dance is one of confusion. People are being fickle and critical. Others are being too focused on other people’s issues and not enough on their own. It is easy to get caught up in a web of gossip that doesn’t do anyone any good.

The Summer Solstice is exact on Thursday, the day that the Sun moves into sensitive, moody Cancer. For the next four weeks, the background energy will resonate the tune of the Cancer crab – sensitive, nurturing, protective, emotional. Cancer is ruled by the Moon – the fastest moving heavenly body. She is up and down – changing signs every couple of days. As a result, our moods may be up and down as well – changing like the ocean tides. This is a time for family, a time for nurturing, home-cooked meals and a time to honor the mother.

The Moon is in intense, emotional Scorpio on Thursday, suggesting that we go deep and get to the core of difficult issues. It is a time to get to the root of whatever you face at work and at home. Stop dealing with the surface symptoms and tackle the underlying cause. Even though this may not be comfortable for everyone, it is the best solution for the long run.

Finish projects around the house on Saturday. Tackle the list of things that you’ve been wanting to get to. Hang that picture. Paint that old chair. Change the water filter. Fix the clothesline. Getting things done will be extra rewarding. Emotionally, this is a good time to share your true feelings with the one you love. Romance gets extra steamy and passionate tonight. This is a good time for a first date. True passion is rising to the surface. Don’t hold back.

On Sunday, the Moon is void-of-course from 10am EST (7am PST) onward. Truly this is a day to relax and turn inward. Don’t make any major plans or decisions. Follow through with routine tasks but don’t start anything new. Go with the flow and don’t take too much stock in the words of others. Everyone is off. We have lost our sense of direction and our intuition is temporarily offline.

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