The week starts out on a powerful and intensely emotional note. Monday is the exact day of the Full Moon in Sagittarius, suggesting a climax of energy that has been building since the time of the New Moon two weeks ago. On this day the Moon will rise exactly as the Sun sets, keeping us up all night and inspiring an active dream state as we sleep. This is a day when things could come to a head with co-workers, family members and your romantic partner. Truth is revealed and you can no longer hide what you are really feeling. Go ahead and let it all out, for better or for worse. A shift in energy needs to happen, and the Full Moon is an important catalyst in making this shift happen.

Take extra caution on Monday morning since the Moon will be void-of-course when you first get up. As a result, you might wake up in a fog, lacking a sense of true direction and intuition. Actions you take during this time might be misinformed or misdirected. We aren’t fully back on track until 12:13pm EST (9:13am PST) when the Moon moves into the next sign, Capricorn. At this time, our attention turns toward important goals and what needs to be done now. The mantra is – get to work!

A strong work ethic and sense of duty continues into Tuesday as the Capricorn Moon continues to hold court. This is a time to be extra productive in the workplace, stay grounded and stay focused. Feel free to say “no” to certain people or social engagements so that you can continue working on what is most important to you at this time. Furthermore, this is an opportunity to be more disciplined with regard to your spiritual practice. How much do you value your sadhana? Re-establish your plan for a daily routine that helps to support your goals in this arena.

The Moon is void-of-course for almost all of the waking hours on Wednesday, suggesting that it is a good day to stay in bed! From 7:17am – 10pm EST (4:19am – 7pm PST), the Moon is out to lunch. In fact, she is pretty much taking the whole day off – and so should you. Read a book, go to the movies, do yoga, but refrain from making any big decisions or plans. This is not a time for strategy meetings at work, and not a time to have involved conversations with others. Routine tasks are best.

The energy is erratic and electric on Thursday. Today’s events will be full of surprises. Go with the flow and be open to the opportunities that arise as a result. Furthermore, tune into the universal, humanitarian energy that is rising up at this time. Consider Mantrica’s album, “Mantras in the Key of Life.” Tracks like “Sat Siri Akaal”, called the mantra for the Aquarian Age, is the perfect one to have on repeat at this time. Included also on the album are mantras for healing, “Ra Ma Da Sa” and the spicy “Wahe Guru Remix”.

The big news on Friday is the Sun’s entrance into Cancer, the emotional water sign ruled by the Moon. For the next four weeks, the Sun will transit this sensitive, intuitive sign, suggesting that we will all be feeling a backdrop of emotional sensitivity. People may put up tough outer walls, but this is only to protect their super soft sensitive insides. Connect with the water element and connect with the mother. Nurturing is the name of the game. Be good to yourself and good to others. Everyone will be moody. Be patient and be a compassionate listener.

The Moon moves into Pisces on Saturday, further adding to the emotional sensitivity. Did I say compassion? Yes – bring it on. There is even extra sensitivity all around.

Sunday is a wonderful time to be creative. Dance, play music, have fun and do art. If paintings or drawings aren’t your thing, get creative with food. Get creative with the decorations in your home. Take a walk by a body of water. Enjoy a bubble bath. Drink plenty of water. Give your emotions a place to rest.

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